Grip Fighting (kumi kata)

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    I have sung the praises of not allowing your opponent to get their preferred grip on you and gaining a dominate grip and attacking immediately. This is particularly true if you're rolling in a gi. Too often I see people agreeably getting their grips on one another than going to work. Lapel-chokers must love this mind set as it sets them up for what is often called sneaky chokes. WTF is so sneaky about it? They grip your collar/lapel then need at least one move or more to choke you with it - if you broke down that grip the choke never happens. So to immediately improve your grappling game, train to get a dominate grip and immediately execute your technique/technique chain or if someone gains a dominate grip immediately destroy that and/or gain a reset to get back to work. You'll fall victim to less submissions and you'll throw and submit your opponents/training partners more with better grips. Test it out and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results even without changing/improving any other aspect of your grappling. This great article inspired the focus of my thread:
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    When I did Judo a long time ago (as a very puny teenager) one of the things drilled into me was fighting for grip. Very early on I learned if I was grabbed in any way other than I liked then my (usually much larger) opponent would throw me around like a ragdoll. It is very underrated these days (I saw quite a lack of tactical grip fighting in the Olympics last year) but an essential skill for any martial arts. With the inevitability of distance closing in many fights you want to be the one in control if it comes to a grapple.

    Great article by the way! Nice picking up some tidbits to add to my own training drills.
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    Ear worm of the day "Shrimpin' ain't easy..." :LOL:
    Something I might have added to that article would be "Use your head and train your neck" for the double entendre for thinking and to use your head as an extra appendage. As well as the importance to build up your neck to avoid injury when rolling (neck "stingers" are an all too common injury especially for new guys) and for offense & defensive purposes.
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    Master Ken's answer to grip fighting ;)

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    Master Ken = WF
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    shuai jiao also has a method of grip fighting called qiang shou

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