GSP names price for Anderson Silva bout.

Discussion in 'News' started by MattCMMA, Dec 2, 2012.

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    Crazy as it sounds at first after reading the article it makes more sense. Also I've heard him express concerns about not being able to return to his current weight and that could potentially be detrimental to his career and by default he could loose money, sponsorships, and such. This opens the door for Silva to demand the same or more and I wouldn't know if that would make the proposed superfight viable anymore - 100 million might be too hefty even for what should be the biggest fight in UFC history. I'd rather see them just continue to fight in their current weight classes but I'd buy the PPV if it does come together tho...
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    Still don't get it....Silva and Jones makes so much more sense, if people are going to insist on having some sort of 'superfight'.
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    It does, but perhaps Dana has actually had the better response and progression from these two camps and that's why it's getting a bigger push than Silva vs Jones. Depending on what the catch weight is, I don't know why Silva's camp would rather match up with GSP who has a skill set that would be tailor-made to beat him if GSP had a body that was naturally scaled up to Silva's weight. Unless they think that being the bigger guy is more important than skill match-ups for potential superfights. I think (only my opinion) that Jones' spontaneous athletic striking game can be taken advantage of by Silva along with potential submission vulnerability that a lot of people speculate about after the Belfort fight (since his BJJ rescued him from certain defeat in the first Sonnen fight). But what do I know, I'm just a little fish and not an elite MMA coach or manager.:)
  6. 50 mill .....gsp and silva could truly get this price in my opinion
    silva has 2 fights on his contract so gsp then silva then possibly retirement

    basically gsp silva and jones are very weary about fighting in these superfights.....because....they could lose.....and badly
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    GSP is ducking Silva and Silva is ducking Jones... but I agree, the Jones v. Silva "superfight" makes more sense since Silva already fights frequently at 205, whereas GSP never fights at 185
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    Agreed. It said that he already gets about 8-10 million a fight just now and with sponsorships etc and ppv buys, he might be able to get that.
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    Amen. But also I don't want to see either fight. I enjoy seeing the champ continue to prove why he's a champ. The welterweight division has plenty of very interesting threats to GSP. I would rather see those ,then a superfight. At least in the welterweight division.
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