Having regular issues w cramps during cooling down

Discussion in 'Health, Fitness & Nutrition' started by Tuan, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Tuan

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    This didn't seem to happen until about a year ago, now it seems to happen a lot. It isn't potassium, someone suggested dehydration, maybe, but no matter how much water I throw down my throat they still recur. And no, it's not PMS, ha ha. Thankful for any other suggestions/remedies...
  3. Caneman

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    Dehydration would be my first guess. You don't happen to take a statin for cholesterol, do you? red yeast rice would be included. You might want to try adding CoQ10 as a supplement. It counteracts the statin effects of causing cramping... I assume it would do the same for other cramping causes... and has other heart and muscle benefits.
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  4. Tuan

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    Dehydration probably, espec no AC in a southerly clime, but its out of the ordinary. I'm fine while working in the sun, but five minutes relaxing in the shade and one abdominal or another decides to knot up.

    I don't take medication. Aspirin. I will try the CoQ10.

    It's not debilitating, it's frustrating...and usually the only choice is put up with it for a half hour until it subsides, or to return to work and walk it off...which just postpones it. When I'm near the water, swimming is an even better remedy... The exercise works out the cramps but at least I can stay cool.
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    how much back strengthening do you do in your training routine? I have found , as i get older, that if i neglect to focus my back as much as my abs i get get bad cramps in which ever side gets the least attention during my workouts. I would also say that caneman is right about dehydration, beyond that, seriously, Midol it gets rid of more than just menstrual cramps, I have used when hiking long distances to relieve leg cramps at night it works wonders.

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