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    G'day fellow Martial Artists.
    I am a Portuguese fella living in Australia. I have been practicing many different styles of Martial Arts for nearly 18 years and my highest level up to date is of 1st Kyu.
    I've started recently Kyokushin and I really like it because of the "move forward" grounded stance fight style. here's a video of my latest Kyokushin fight:

    I'm the yellow belt :)
    Anyways, nice to meet you all.
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  3. RJ Clark

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    Welcome to the forum, MMADUDE. Well done on overwhelming your opponent. He became your punching bag after the first knockdown(y)
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    MMADUDE Initiate

    Thanks for your kind words RJ, my Sensei drills us to keep moving forward regardless if we are attacking or defending so I guess that worked out well for me :)
    Although unfortunately I broke my hand on that fight from punching my opponent so hard, so no Karate training for me for 6 weeks.
  5. dmach

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    Welcome aboard. Always good to welcome another Aussie!
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