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    Hi there,

    I am a Brit living in Denmark, My children started TKD (WTF) almost a year ago. I have been involved in Martial arts for many years, but stopped training about ten years ago. When I stopped I was a 1st Dan in Judo and a 3rd Dan in Karate. I really wanted to see my children involved in some martial art, Doing the rounds in Denmark, there is a total lack of discipline, my quickest visit was about a couple of minutes, walking in bowing, and watching, the instructor had no control over his class, that was probably the worst. Others ranged from a little better to reasonable.

    We found our now club by accident, but really thankful, they are friendly and have a good system, with discipline, and techniques being paramount.

    My middle son started first and fell in love with it almost instantly, a few weeks later my youngest and eldest started, they both are hooked. I sat on my hands for a couple more weeks, until the instructor had a little chat. the next week I started, it was really good getting back into a martial art. Although the old body complained, I was a stiff as a board, the mind knows what to do even then, but the body, was putting up a fight. A number of pulled muscles later, I am really enjoying myself, well for the children's sake you know :rolleyes:.

    I wanted to start at a white belt again working my way through the grading system, as I have to unlearn the way I do some techniques, just before Christmas my instructor told me that he wanted to grade me in January, giving me a couple of weeks to learn the first 5 sets, (he has now given me another extra week as things were not going to well:cry:) He does not want me sat at the back of the class.

    Anyway thats a bit about me

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    welcome to the Forum, looking forward to your posts

    What style of Karate did you do?

    So you doing WTF TaeKwonDo now?
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    Started off with Wado-ryu then higashi moved into full contact karate, although I like the traditional side I love the freedom of less closed MA. Even though I am getting a bit long in the tooth, I still love to fight.

    So the club I go to its right up my street. They are traditional in their ways but they welcome input from others. The chief instructor is about the same age as me and we have good discussions about the good old days and who has the fastest zimmer frame (only joking about that bit. although thinking about it one would help with some of the jump kicks ha ha)

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    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome. Good introduction!
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    G'day RR. Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to the Black Belt Forums !!!
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    ... really enjoying myself, well for the children's sake you know :rolleyes:.

    The cost of parenthood is high, my girls wont go near martial arts but I put my body on the line every week just in case they change their minds.
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    Know the feeling, ;)


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