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    Hi guys,

    Thanks to accept my joining request.

    My name is Istvan. Born in Hungary. I studied Wing Tsun for 4+ years - after a rough childhood - to understand 'control'. 8+ years Silat practice, 3+ years RMA Systema experience and 20 odd years later I'm still searching. :)
    I've got closer and closer by the years but now I know one thing for sure I have a long journey yet to reach full control if the time we spend ' here ' will be enough.
    Recent years as the next level of my studies I'm teaching Systema for a small group of people in London, UK. Our practices include but not restricted to breathing, body balancing, freedom of movement, women self defence, anti-stress program etc..
    I look forward to chat like minded people in or out of Systema.

    thanks and regards

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