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    Greetings from Tai Chi Apeldoorn, my name is Douwe Geluk from Holland a.k.a. the Netherlands. I like Salsa dancing and i am a technical engineer.

    Short lineage:

    I have practised martial arts since i was very young. I practised How Chuen Monkey Kungfu ubder Sifu Fred Decramer, Shaolin Kempo under Prince Dschero Khan and Fred Decramer, Bujinkan with sensei Jos Reijnders, Tai Chi with Max Tack, Aad Klinkenberg and others.

    Me as Tai Chi teacher and Chinese internal arts,

    Eventually i became a licensed Tai Chi teacher and i teach: Tai Chi Chuan, Silk Reeling, Qi Qong, selfdefense, meditatie, mindfulness and more. I teach at my school Tai Chi Apeldoorn, Bron van Geluk in Apeldoorn the Netherlands.

    This is a video of me demonstrating Tai Chi Chuan:

    I am glad to be a part of this awesome forum.


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