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    Hey everyone! I'm Harjit Singh from the UK. I'm a freelance writer, illustrator, martial artist, and author. I've been published in various European, American and Australasian martial arts magazines as well as magazines of other genres.

    I have a background in Goju Kai Karate and Gatka. I also love how-to combat books from WW1 & 2, and have learnt a thing or two from my own fight experiences.

    I joined this forum in the hope of learning something new as well as encouraging an interest in Indian martial arts and ancient Indian warfare. I hope to publish numerous books on the subject (only one so far) because hardly anyone seems to be doing it. Only a few such books out there.

    I love writing (on martial arts), illustrating (mainly images for my books), traditional martial arts and contemporary combat systems, exercising, reading (particularly rare martial arts manuals), and watching The Simpsons, The Twilight Zone, Only Fools and Horses, and all Louis Theroux documentaries. I also reckon Will Ferrell is the funniest person in human history.

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