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    Dear Black belt forums

    My name is Alan Buchan. I am from Scotland, a primary school teacher, father of 3, keen martial artist and psychology student in my spare time with the Open University UK. I am a 2nd Dan in Tukido started by Grandmaster HA Teh in Scotland. I am completing my final module as part of my BSc Psychology (Hons) and would really appreciate my fellow martial artists completing the questionnaire about martial arts and personality. It should take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Can you advise me what forum thread I could post this on. Other martial arts forums have been helpful so far.

    I am attempting to gather as many responses from as many styles of martial arts as possible so any help the black belt forum community can give me would be greatly appreciated. This is not phishing or spam and all responses are confidential and require no personal details. The study has received full ethical approval from the Open University UK and all information is confidential and stored securely. My supervisors email is available on request.

    Many thanks in advance if you take the time to help me out and if not all the best anyway in whatever style you take part in.

    Alan SE/?SID=SV_789pvWjHbOc79IN
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    Thanks to anybody who responded

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    Dear friends

    I am in the final push to gather data for my study. If you or any martial artist you know can take 5-10 mins to complete my questionnaire it would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks


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