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Discussion in 'Ninjitsu' started by dmach, Jun 20, 2012.

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    I had the opportunity to have one of the top Ninja trainers in Toronto (perhaps the hotbed of martial arts in N.A. simply due to the most culturally diverse city on the planet) to work at my dojo ... and I was simply AMAZED at his wide range of abilities and talents he possessed.

    Ninjutsu .. or the Art of ``Invisibility `` is much more than simply a martial art. It traditionally did NOT have an ethical right and wrong point of view, and more of a survival or assassin mentality.

    Ninjutsu is probably the most versatile and diverse art to learn as far as strategy, human physiology, and survival.

    Ninja skills were typically passed down within the family, and they were hired by others and some also trained Samurai.

    Their range of skills and training far out-seated other martial arts - weapons, explosives, picking locks, how to assistance a whole city or one person, scaling buildings, hiding in plain site, balance .... and if I had a choice, I would have probably gone in a different direction of martial arts if I had known about this hidden art earlier.

    The Ninja always trained for smaller scale skirmish encounters, and the kind of hand-to-hand combat that would occur in the course of their espionage, sabotage, capture and assassination operations. Another area that is especially developed in Ninjutsu is the strategy of taking advantage of blind spots and “neutral” or “void” areas in the enemies' position. Blind spots are either total or partial visual field gaps, where the enemy does not see the Ninja at all, or may be able to partially see them, but not the technique they are about to receive. Voids are positions where the enemy cannot strike or grab hold of the Ninja, even though they appear to be close enough. In contrast there are also psychological “blind spots” that lead the opponent to place themselves into compromised positions, which are often achieved through intentional deception on the part of the Ninja.
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    dmach question is how can he get the training that he wants, not listen to fights over my art is better than your art. Dmach to answer your question, If you cannot find a ninja school there to train at. All is not lost. Just remember a punch is a punch and a kick is a kick, you can not change that. Only how you do it can be changed. Find a karate or jujitsu dojo or any Japanese art. You will learn the basics of how to kick, punch, block and most weapons. Then go from there.
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    Ninjitsu, from what I know, is more of a "lifestyle" than it is a "martial art"

    It is a one-stop shop for everything the guerilla needs. Self suficiency, stealth, assassination, map reading and navigation, hunting, fighting with or without weapons, medicine, etc.
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    I would also recommend learning Aikido..the rollings are very similar to ninjutsu(at least in my opinion)
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    Actually, almost any system will give you a good start if you can't find a specific ninjutsu school.

    If you can't find a ninjutsu school, and the correspondence coarse isn't your thing, I would suggest taking up a couple of arts, if your able to. Arts like JKD, Hapkido I would put on the top of the list, but any traditional art would do (Karate, TKD, Aikido, Jujitsu, even Taichi ect...). For the second art find a school to train in that is heavy into weapons from day one (kali/arnis/escrima, kendo, fencing, ect...); these types of schools teach you how to move efficiently, they will increase your reflexes, teaches flow, and the best introduce you to weapons right away.

    Some traditional schools do not do a lot of practical weapons training or reserve it only for highly ranked students; every once in a while we will get a few "Black Belts" from other systems start training with us at our dojo, and you can tell which ones have had proper weapons training, they have that "oh Sh!*" look on there face, and the deer looking into the headlights look, that just screams "What the hell did I sign up for???"
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