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    My gym actually does a lot of stand up/takedowns. Especially at the beginner level. By the time you enter blue belt, your focus shifts more towards groundfighting.

    The neglect of standup is a depressing trend in modern Bjj.
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    Agreed. Very sad. This is one of the reasons I am not a big fan of Martial Sports. Look at my core art, TKD. The Olympics totally screwed the art. Taking away vital components of the arts, only cheapens the spirit of the art. TKD schools (by majority) have done similar things, in order to retain more students. Takedowns included.
    By natural progression, after the "walk through" phase of takedowns. They as you all know, are performed with more force. And that can lead to student drop out. Especially if the instructor fails to teach proper falling technique.
    I understand that schools need students to run the business side. But, watering down things only leads to good schools turning into McDojos. Selling an illusion. Many schools have watered down their curriculums in order to avoid students from having their "idea" of what martial arts is, dissolved. Especially, since many instructors fail to explain the "touchy" subjects about the arts, before the student/parent signs up. Explanation before sign up usually is the best option. It's better one person walk out the door. Than several students leave (or sue), because they weren't informed about the harder aspects of the style.
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    Im new to it and i guess No Gi BJJ deals with ground based grappling techniques only. so yes it is normal. Anyways... im looking for a place to get rashguards and spats. If anyone can suggest me a good online store to order it from, That would be great! Or has anyone here tried nogibjjgear ? They have got good stuff displayed on their site but i wanna know if anyone has tried and if they are good. Also do i need to look out for something when buying rasguards and spats?

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