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    Hello, and good fortunes be with you! My name is Kieran. I have no outstanding background in the field of martial arts; except, for a few cheap shots on my friends growing up, but I tried too hard to use my - lets call it potential - when I was growing up. I wanted to dive right into martial arts - American Boxing, in fact. I lived across the street from the School of Hard Knox during my junior year of high school, and I was practically a drop-out back then, so I would hang out at the Hard Knox and take small lessons from my Coach. He actually trained me for free; he never asked me for a penny when I trained with him. He even wanted to get me sponsored by a local franchise, all just out of good faith. But I was scared to fight. I wasn't dedicated to the art of fighting; I didn't have my Inner-Self in a good, fluid motion yet. I knew what it was like to exult much force, very quickly, and hit hard, and move fast, but I was weak in body and in comfort. I began meditating two years ago. The meditation led to much comfort within myself. When I'm alone, or even in front of others now, I begin to stretch because of my inner comfort; I don't stop stretching until my body feels tired, and when it is well stretched and tired, I stop. During the course of stretching over time for about a year, I began to develop a very strong, flexible body; not only is my body strong, and flexible, but my mental awareness is more keen, and I am quicker. A year ago, when I journeyed back into the martial arts world (which, somehow I knew was so much more than just boxing, or just a form of Kung Fu) I damn near broke my wrist when hitting a newly purchased heavy bag. Let's just say the bag broke me in more than I broke it in at first. It took training, it took a centered mind and a cultivated philosophy, it still takes care, keenness, and training. But I am now an understanding martial arts student. I had a DVD teacher at one point. He trains in White Crane- Long Fist style boxing, as well as teaches other various techniques. I slowly drifted away from the master and became my own. In life, the only person who tells you whether you can or can't be something is yourself. I know in myself that my boxing is pure and powerful. More training will purify and strengthen my techniques with time. I love boxing. It's therapeutic. My body only boxes, because it gets tired of stretching. Boxing is only as limited as the momentous flow in my body. It's a magical Art. I do not plan on using it to fight; except for a sparring partner would be nice... I definitely cant afford to go to a gym, or facility. But, Hey All! Glad to be here. I'm a Zen Boxer, as I define it. I box from my soul. If my description sounds cheesy, you must not know the sport as I do. But that's okay, of course.

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    Greetings!!! Learn what you can, how you can. The arts are a journey, that ultimately is a personal one. A guide/teacher is good to have, but only you can walk your own path.

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