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    Got back into martial arts a few months ago after taking about 5-6 years off due to work. Unfortunately, my old instructor's class schedule did not fit into the work schedule. I found another school in a different discipline and love it. Unfortunately, for the last few weeks, work and asthma have kept me out of the dojo. Hoping the medications get my asthma back under control. Since I started back in the dojo, I have gone from 315 pounds to 272-275. I am feeling much better (other than the asthma) and look forward to class. Just having a hard time getting the katas down to my satisfaction. After several years of training, I get frustrated at myself for not picking up the katas faster and and as crisp as I feel they should be.
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    G'day Anubis, welcome to the forum. I think there's a few of us here who are in the same boat, getting back into training after a long lay off. Just stick at it and all will work itself out, your kata's included. Which styles did you practice and what style are you now practising?
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    Know the feeing. I'm back to teaching after being back from the military. It's slowly coming back to me. It's a process. No harm, no foul ;)
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    I got something to inspiring everyone :)

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