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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by mph, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. mph

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    gonna see a top physio next week if he tells me i should quit kickboxing i will, dont wanna damage my hips, i will continue to do martial arts just none of the kicking arts
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  2. Deborah

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    I totally empthise with your situation as I have just come back from my back speciallist who told me he strongly advises me to stop training/ fighting from now on, so time for a second oppinion!! I send you all my positive vibes, luck and love my new warrior friend. Please let me know how you get on at physio XXxxXXxxXX
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  3. John rushton

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    good luck mph, if you are told to stop remember there is a whole world of non kicking martial arts out there, you will never be bored, and you can still have usefull kicks practicing slower and lower at home
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  4. Battodoka07

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    Hope everything goes well MPH, if you have to stop kickboxing you could do some of the sword arts, one guy at my dojo has back problems and his doing quite well in our style. Hopefully you won't have to stop, i know it drove me crazy after getting hip surgery and not being able to do anything.
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  5. mph

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    good news, seen a top physio and dont have to quit kickboxing, the pains in my hips are caused by tight ligaments there, he's given me a couple of stretches to do
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  6. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    Wooohoooo! That is great news my friend, I am so very pleased to hear you can still train!! All the very best MPH......love, peace, respects and smiles XXxxXX
  7. steve didino

    steve didino Disciple

    yes dont over do it
  8. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    Bro this sounds like a problem I've had!
    Stretching the muscles that chamber your leg ought to help a lot, they're small muscles and kicking a lot drains them. Also work on core stability, I believe the click you hear as you raise your leg is due to your hips tilting forward slightly, this happens because the tight ilio psoas (hip flexors) pull the hips forward putting your posture slightly out of alignment. Hope this helps :)
  9. Robthestig

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    Virtually every injury to your joints....other than them getting hit, is down to not warming up properly, not doing the technique correctly and forgetting to warm down. What some people forget and what many don't even know is that there's only 1 kick the human body is designed to do naturally and that is what some call a Mule kick......the best way to explain the positioning to those who havn't heard the terminology is put your back against the wall, lift your one leg, bend at the knee and put your foot completely flat against the wall with the toes pointing toward the floor.....not very high is it? Every other kick we do relies on knowing the correct body mechanics.....most forget the absolute must do's.....which are keep your heels up as much as possible, hard to discipline....but superior when it's second nature....and the pivoting on the ball of your foot. The supporting leg is far more important than the kicking one. To address Rockne saying a lot of Kickboxing and Thai sacrifice pivoting for speed....you have seen it done incorrectly by a few then. You wont get a faster and harder kick unless you pivot. How else can you cross the centre line without pivoting? You can't. The biggest culprit to destroying hips is not performing the round kick/turning kick correctly.....and your instructor not pulling you up about it. This kick follows a curve....similar to that of the horizon....otherwise you'll never get it above the shoulders to kick the head or neck. Instead of doing as I have described....most use a diagonal movement...but forget to pivot, even when it is low.....that's massive pressures on all the joints associated with kicking. My advice...go see a doctor, a physio...and a chiropractor. The clicking sounds more like a back injury and the soreness in the hips is probably from where your body subconsciously adjusts your movements to prevent more injury. Take a rest...a few weeks. When you get back to the dojo remember...slowly does it at all times with stretching....stretching should be uncomfortable but not painful. The kicks you do......they should never have to be really thrown to get upto your target.....the most you need is your own head height....if that means kicking your opponents arms...so be it....as soon as they start to drop....use your own and punch. The hands are closer so are naturally going to be faster to the head. Everybody wants to land a head kick.....yet none of them will punch you in the foot.Ooss.
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  10. Sherratt

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    well you could always jump up to kick them in the head, but youd still need to pivot the back foot and lean back (wile still keeping your hips in line with your back.) many people tend to lean forward when kicking. this it both bad for your body and it drastically reduces the destructive power of the kick. pivoting your back foot means your bodys properly aligned so you wont damage other things like your groin muscles as well
  11. tony7

    tony7 Disciple

    overstretching can be bad, correct hip turning when kicking will minimise discomfort, ive seen people try and kick like a football kick and the ligaments can become ruptured, correct form is essential to all lower body movement, so try and keep the kicks chest height, and occasionally reach up to the head, as constant head kicks will increase muscle failure, so steady away, and think about setting plateaus, not mountains to climb....
  12. MilkManX

    MilkManX Initiate

    Check out the book Stretching Scientifically by Tom Kurz. Best thing I found for Kickboxing/Karate.
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  13. Enkidu

    Enkidu Destroyer of your martial arts fantasies

    That is a good book.
  14. tony7

    tony7 Disciple

    i think bill wallace exemplerflies proper conditioning, as he is in his senior years, but still good and thats a goal to reach for in my book, i love the kicking sets, and try to incorporate it in my routine
  15. MilkManX

    MilkManX Initiate

    He use to overstretch and says that the 2 books that helped him to better methods were Relax into Stretch by Pavel and Scientifically Stretching by Tom Kurz.
  16. tony7

    tony7 Disciple

    i hear what you say milkman, but i,m talking years ago, now, things have progressed in leaps and bounds as to physical conditioning so its become a science, and thats good , but i think bill really paved the way into stretching, and opened the doors for others to follow
  17. MilkManX

    MilkManX Initiate

    Right. No doubt he did ! He had this interview in Blackbelt where he talked about the fact that he got his range of motion too far and it made his kicks weak. He got some good tips from those 2 book and I think Pavel directly and it changed his methods.
  18. tony7

    tony7 Disciple

    like i said in other threads, learn what you can from other sources to enhance your abilities, i trained with many kicking styles to broaden my ranges of kicks, as i loved to kick !!! lol we can all learn from each other, as what might not work for one , may work for others...

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