How Good Is Your Verbal Self-Defense?

Discussion in 'Self Defense' started by Kevin, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Master of Nothing

    Master of Nothing Psychotic Pacifist

    My problem is I'm an ASSHOLE when people try to talk shit. I instantly retaliate with insulting comedy. Since most people have touchy egos. It becomes easy for them to get aggressive. If they attack I whip their ass or my girlfriend does. If there is more than one. I make sure to really hurt them. Then leave really fast.
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  2. Soulpatch

    Soulpatch Initiate

    I try to take the high road. 48 years old now and while I am completely confidant in my ability to beat the hell out of somebody, there is just something I don't find appealing about getting into it physically with a 20 something, inshape kid. Got into a confrontation last week in the Costco parking lot of all places. Guy cuts me off then his toad of a GF blasts me for "looking at them". Guy is about 6'3, mid 30s and kind of fat skinny. I KNOW I would destroy him but I take the high road. Tells me to "shut the F up" and my reply is "Oh I see you have evolved", "you can cuss now". In my 20s it would have been on right then and there. At almost 50, ridicule is a great weapon. :)
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  3. Master of Nothing

    Master of Nothing Psychotic Pacifist

    I totally get that. It does free up time from complication. But, I must point out that when a 20 year old gets their ass handed to them. It disrupts their world. Which, I find, most 20 and 30 somethings need from time to time. Consequence. People these days lack a sense of consequence. Granted words don'tjump out of mouths and physically damage us. But, words do have power. While you as a martial artist are controlled enough to deal. Others may have different reactions. Sure you don't have to destroy someone (most of the time). It is disheartening for someone to try their hardest and not be a threat to you. Like a warning shot from a lion-"I could slap your damn head off your shoulders at any point son. Care to rethink your choice of actions?"
    No harm. No foul. And "youngblood" gets something to ponder for a bit.
  4. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Lucky Cat Is Lucky

    Caused by ladies, instigated by ladies, participated in by ladies, ended by ladies ... yeah, they kinda' get involved sometimes. :sneaky:

    My bouncing days were filled with dealing with the effects of hormones and testosterone when they met. Most of the time it was me taking care of business in the club by protecting the employees, but a couple of times it was a bit more personal as I was dating the gal.

    Let me tell you, even the Dalai Lama would lose it if his gal-pal made her living by pole-dancing in front of a couple hundred horny guys. :mad:

    I took a lot of courses both in college and through my martial arts training in all the recommended techniques, including verbal de-escalation techniques. As Enkidu said, sometimes that just isn't enough - sometimes you just have to pull out a verbal pre-emptive strike. Now, as some of you might have deduced from my stuff here I'm basically a quiet person, but when I open my mouth I turn into a real wise-ass. I just can't seem to help it - there's nothing between the brain and the mouth.

    I once mentioned to my girlfriend after an incident that I needed an editor in my brain. Her response? "No, you need a goalie for your mouth". :woot:

    I always prefer giving non-verbal clues first; if they fall short then I go to verbal intimidation then finally physical acts. I try to follow the Rules of Honorable Warfare by always allowing my opponent a way out, a way to save face.

    ... but if they're not smart enough to TAKE that way out it isn't MY problem.
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  5. Soulpatch

    Soulpatch Initiate

    Man, totally agree with this. Classic!
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  6. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    Women definetly like to start shit. Sorry ladies, but, you do!
    Before my wife had ever seen me fight, she was very...I don't know the word, passive?
    She was terrified at the thought of confrontation. That all changed thou when she actually got to see me fight.
    We have an annual Blues music festival in our town of 2000 people. Some 10000 people usually show up for the weekend and as you can imagine theres a few scruffles every year, hence why like most locals we decide to go away that weekend now.
    Anyhow, some 7 -8 yrs ago now, some friends of ours had come down for the festival and brought some friends of theirs, etc
    Andy was the guys name, friend of a friend... He was a loud drunk, not rude, just really loud.
    He nearly got into a fight in the pub we were in, but Gino (the actual friend) and I talked it down and turned it around so we thought. When we were leaving, walking to our cars out behind the back of the building, the three same guys came to start it up again.
    This numbnuts Andy was laughing and "C'mon Guy's!" to try and hide the fact he was clearly shitting himself.
    I turned to Alex(female) and told her to get my missus and her friends into the car. The wife immeadiately was pawing at my arm "no, David, don't" , I took of my glasses, handed them to her, and said "Stay out of the way."
    This all happend pretty quick really, about the time it took for the 3 guys to close the distance and get the first strike...What I'd been waiting for.
    1. Andy was a loud mouth dick and he sorta did deserve a punch in the gob, but not a bashing.
    2. This showed me that the lead attacker at least could'nt throw a punch for shit
    3. And gave me legal green light to retaliate

    Walking up to the lead guy, it was pretty obvious he was shitfaced. He thru a hay maker so badly, I'm pretty sure I could have made a cup of tea and sat down to check my facebook (not that I new what facebook was back then:)) while waiting for it to get close. Anyway, tan sao block with left arm and simultaneous strike to solar plexus with right, larp sao with my right and pull attacker down and in as deliver 1-2 combo strike to his right side jaw where it meets ear at full power on the second punch from my right hand.
    Next guy was on my left at 11o'clock, fient a left jab and then snap kick to the lead knee, followed with an overhand right to the nose (Pretty sure that's the one that broke my hand), why'd I throw an overhand right??? I don't know now, like I did'nt know then.
    Third guy was now on my right at about 2 o'clock, TRYING to throw some sort of roundhouse ish kick, got about as high as my upper thigh on my right side, turning off my now back left foot, raised my right knee and leg checked, brought my, same leg, heel down on his supporting leg just below the knee and clinched him in as he fell and gave him a two bloody good knees to the face.
    Turned a 180 in a wide defensive posture, scanning....All three were still down, third would'nt be getting up any time soon.
    Noticed heart was in throat, began to feel nauseous, could'nt seem to hear properly.
    So I just walked to our car and looked at Gino and Andy still standing over a ways and said "Let's go!"

    Getting back to original point, ever since then...Someones getting a little touchy feely at the pub or club, etc.
    My dearly beloved has twice now spouted "My husband knows Kung Fu!":banghead::banghead::banghead:

    Because we all know how THAT helps difuse a situation!!!
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  7. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    I've had a few male friends say something to the same effect when we're out. I detest that. It either comes across like I'm a dick who goes around hitting people or it's a red rag to someone there who wants to show they're better or not scared or whatever.
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  8. nogibjjgear

    nogibjjgear Initiate

    I would stay calm and come up with something to get back at them but they raise their voice i would raise mine twice as theirs. I wouldn't take them out unless they try to hit me or start mocking me.

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