how to escape a wrist grab

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    That was one the Informational Video!! Keep posting these types of threads!!
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    Wrist grab escapes are commonly taught in a variety of martial arts. But many times, when you are learning how to get out of a wrist grab or a wrist hold, it is done statically. That is fine, especially when you are learning the particular technical concept being taught. However, it is important to understand the intent and purpose of why someone would grab your wrist in the first place. To that end, in this video, we take a very self defense oriented approach of addressing that. In the situation we are addressing is one of isolating the target. That is, the attacker who grabs your wrist with both of their hands is trying to take you someplace else. So when it comes to self protection and learning martial arts. The leverage based principle from Jiu Jitsu is just that. This self defense arts, it is critical that we understand the context. That is why I focus on the base, as your first self defense move - make yourself heavy and find your root first! Once you have that, then you can do the escape maneuver. This maneuver is a leverage based principle from Jiu Jitsu that is scalable; it is a self defense technique that works for children, women, and men.
    The steps are:
    1. Get Into Base
    2. Grab Your Fist
    3. Break the Grip
    4. De-Escalate

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