How To Ignore Another Forum Member

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    An online forum is very similar to real life. There are people you get on with, people you don't, people which share the same views and outlook on life as you, people that don't.

    I've posted on a lot of discussion forums over the years and I'm aware of this. One feature that I've used a little over the last few years is the ignore button. I've used it for people I've had arguments with. I've also used it for people I actually liked but just didn't like what they wrote etc (I ignored one guy once because his poor grammar made his posts unreadable - yes I'm that petty!!) :)

    I want everyone to get along here though I'm a realist and I'm aware that some members will become friends and some won't. If for any reason you don't want to see posts from a member, simply use the ignore option :)

    How To Ignore Another Forum Member

    First visit the profile of the person you want to ignore (for example, my profile url is At the top right hand side of the profile you will see an option to either follow someone or ignore them. If you choose to ignore them, you won't see their posts on the forum :)


    If you are unsure about how this works, please let me know :)

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    Hmmmm... I wonder what brought this on...

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    HAAARHARRRR FINARRRR!!!??? lol....respects XxX
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    lol no comment :D
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    TEEHEE!!:D!! XXxxXX

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