how to learn kung fu

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  1. jameskotler

    jameskotler Initiate

    Hi guys,

    i am a 30yo adult and I want to know how to learn kung fu. I need suggestions about the best training centres to learn kung fu in the United States.
  2. johnnewman

    johnnewman Grasshoppa

    You have to Find a perfect and well-known Sensie First.
    You have to learn and read things... you have to be patient in your training and you also have to be full confident about your Training and Kung fu..!!!
  3. johnnewman

    johnnewman Grasshoppa

    You Can also Read Blogs about KungFu..!!
  4. starprocombat1

    starprocombat1 Initiate

    Choose style
    Practice consistently
    Devote time
    Teach your skills

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