Humphf, where are my fellow JKD enthusiasts??

Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by Deborah, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    On reading Bruce Lee's philosophies, I came across this on JKD.......

    For security, the unlimited living is turned into something dead, a chosen pattern that limits. To understand Jeet Kune Do, one ought to throw away all ideals, ptterns, styles; in fact, he should throw away even the concepts of what is or isn't ideal in Jeet Kune Do. Can you look at a situation without naming it? Naming it, making it a word, causes fear.

    View attachment 116 Anata no daisuke desu, with my love, your humble Kunoichi, your humble Lady Warrior.....respects,rei xxXXxx
  2. Master Fahy

    Master Fahy Samurai

    I'm still here! Master Fahy
  3. JMelton

    JMelton Initiate

    Hello I have been training in JKD since 1989
  4. sifuRon

    sifuRon Initiate

    I train occasionally in JKD concepts,being in southern Ca, I am fortunate to have schools and other meeting points to train, but in other parts of the country there is not as many qualified schools or instructors available which is a shame, I hope that changes in the future, it is all about MMA training right now.
  5. Clive Weaver

    Clive Weaver Initiate

    Hi Deborah
    Albeit under a different name, I did study JKD Concepts for about 10yrs. Sadly had to stop due to moving too far away. One thing I can say, I have never found another class like it anywhere in my local area :( BUT. I have found a brilliant Instructor in Doce Pares Escrima :).
  6. pinklady6000

    pinklady6000 Initiate

    there is no such thing as jkd concepts, this is a bastardised name for mixed martial arts from the middle-east. consisting of muay thai, panatucan, seilat, etc.

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