I stopped wars, does that make me a supreme commander then?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by john2054, Oct 11, 2013.

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    Let us know when you are a ninja.. oh, wait, if you told me that, I would have to die... never mind.
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    If there is advice on dealing with hemmorriods please let me know. I'm willing to risk death for the insight.
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    Stay on your feet!
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    i know exactly what this guy means i am a former super soldier i was in vietnam was captured and escaped 10 years after but i heard there was soldiers still there so i went back and rescued them kicking ass along the way because im chuck norris....................... oh no wait that was a movie my bad ignore me i thought it happend to me but that doesnt matter anymore dont read this comment im clearly delusional like the guy who posted this thread the clearly ninja super soldier master that he is :)
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    Won't attacking Syria kill more people than Assad alone?

    I appreciate that the majority of big-wigs and army folk on this site will not have to see bombs fall on their heads, and their friends and family killed like happened to the million in Iraq and the ten hundred thousand in Libya and Afghanistan, but before you all jump on the band wagon for Assad's head, let me ask you to stop for a minute and think about the civilians on the ground. Since the attack on Libya the Muslim brotherhood has taken control of the region, and these warlords have forced the black population of that country to eat Gaddafi's flag. Literally, now you have got your jets and subs warming. This isn't about chemical weapons. It is about our military big-wigs, or army generals from Afghanistan to Whitehall getting another strike on their bedpost. What do they care if another hundred thousand people are killed by the surgical strikes on thier cities. Come of it, let's be realistic, the war will escalate (just as it did with Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya), hundreds of thousands of people will be killed (see those wars), and a few soldiers will die too if we put troops on the ground. The one good thing we will get out of this invasion is that the Tories will lose the next election if they choose to engage with this yet another intervention which breaks international law. Again I appreciate that there a number of bloggers on here who think that i am a trolling, and b wrong. But let me remind you that actually trolls are the people who bully teenage girls on line, to the point of suicide. Not defenders of international law (and peace). Also as for me being wrong, well yeah I appreciate that people who train to kill (the army navy and airforce), and the people who authorise this (the politicians who give the orders), are never going to agree with an armchair general who opposes them. And I also realise that we are now on the bring of war, and it would take a miracle to pull us out now. Just look at the war Iraq was legitimized by the politicians, whilst still breaking international law (broke every un mandate in the book, don't forget that saddams government was actually a un member state, not a lot of people knew that), but then when it comes to the law, politicians of this country clearly think they are above it. They will not feel the consequences, so why not go for it? I just hope that one of two people reading this thread will see the sense in what i am saying, and leaving the adhominem (personal/character) attacks to one side for a minute, realise that i am speaking sense. Clearly even the Syrian official who was speaking at the press conference today pleaded for mercy, and stated that his government did not use the chemical weapons, and that the international community should offer mercy. But like i said, people who are trained to kill go about doing just that. Be it the rebels (al-qaeda mostly) or the uk/usa armed forces. I wish I was wrong, and I wish that people on here could stop the war. But now the ball is rolling I fear this will be impossible. Just look at Iraq. A million innocent civilians were killed in this war, because Tony Blair and the British politicians were afraid of one man, Saddam. Whether or not he killed a thousand or twenty thousand by gassing the kurds, he did not turn a prosperous middle Eastern country into a basket state with no executive government and innocent men women and children dying in suicide bombs everyday, and over a million civilians killed by Western intervention. What do you people think?
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    The U.S. Navy submarines are already there, and they do not have to warm up, they are always ready to strike at a moment's notice. Syria would already be lit up with cruise missiles if the order came to attack.
    Unlike the Air Force, the silent service is always there right off the coast and the missiles they fire are minutes away from hitting their targets.

    You mentioned the army guys here but the army is going to sit on the sidelines and watch. This is a naval operation the army has nothing to do with it.
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    Fukin hilarious!
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