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  1. michael mckenna

    michael mckenna Grasshoppa

    hi i know that bjj came from jujitsu and judo but what makes it different too them ? also does bjj teach everything that jujitsu and judo does but more ? there is a judo club where i live and in the next town there is a bjj school. i want to learn grappling so i can be more of a complete martial artist i do taekwondo and they teach us basic judo but thats only some times. i believe in never stop learning and not one art has everything in it but a martial artist can learn everything he needs to involving long range striking, short range striking, trapping (is trapping arm grappling?) and grappling. thanks for any help
  3. Pedro

    Pedro Baek Doo San

    in bjj you'll learn basically only ground techniques, because it's its focus, to learn these techniques in judo you'll spend a lot more time because the focus is on the take downs. The diference from traditional jujitsu are some new techniques developed by the bjj community.
    If you already know basic judo throws, you can try bjj to learn the ground moves properly.
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  4. dgasmd

    dgasmd Disciple

    I am not an expert on this, so this is simply my personal view of each. Judo came from traditional Jui Jitsu. It took away the strikes and a lot of the incapacitation techniques leaving the throws and ground work. Judo further concentrated on the throws/take downs and the grappling/ground work. Over time as it developed as a sport, the grappling part has been considerably decreased with a lot of time constrains and regulations leaving it with 85-90% concentration of the throws. I think BJJ took the grappling Judo gave up on and made it its focus adding a few things here and there. I do some Judo, and compared tot he BJJ classes I have gone to watch at a place that specializes in it, it is obvious they are much better at it because they obviously spend the bulk of their time doing just that, grappling. I think they are all different forms of martial arts and they all have their pros and cons. One better than the other? Depends at what!!
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  5. RJ Clark

    RJ Clark Tree Ninja Staff Member

    Judo focuses on throws and has an emphasis on speed and explosiveness. BJJ focuses on the groundwork and is more meticulous and strategic as you typically have as much time as you need to seek the joint lock or choke. These two arts compliment one another perfectly to build a truly comprehensive grappling skill set. As for self defense applications the edge would go to Judo. For sport application, whether grappling-only or mma, BJJ has the edge (as long as adjustments are made for mma use).
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  6. michael mckenna

    michael mckenna Grasshoppa

    so if you only wanted to learn grappling for self defense judo or jujitsu is the way to go and if you are leaning more towards mma bjj is the way to go ?
  7. RJ Clark

    RJ Clark Tree Ninja Staff Member

    As a general guide, yes. Ideally train both as BJJ is very weak with throws/takedowns or outright doesn't allow certain throws. So if you're looking to dictate whether the fight will go to the ground rather than having that imposed upon you, then you'll want to train in Judo or wrestling as well.
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  8. michael mckenna

    michael mckenna Grasshoppa

    well if i was taken to the ground by someone on the street as its very common to happen where i live as no thugs want to have a fight standing up as they want you down on the ground so they can jump on your skull i'd like to know what to do other then scrabble about trying to get back on my feet. i'd like to adapt to any street confrontation
  9. Pedro

    Pedro Baek Doo San

    If you fall on the ground on the streets, you are gonna have a bad time... I'd prefer to control a fight standing up than on the ground, even if I had the greatest jiu jitsu skills. Mostly if you fall to the ground the guy won't try to choke you, he'll punch the shit outta you. And so will you if you take him down, using the ground as your weapon can be very helpful, a serious take down on the asphalt hurts more than you can immagine.

    So in a street fight, if you are well versed on Judo you can leave the guy on the ground and run away, or you can just stay there kicking or punching. And you can avoid being thrown down.
    From Kevin's post

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  10. Eric Dufurrena

    Eric Dufurrena The Iron Fist of Fun

    The reason that Judo is the superior throwing art and BJJ the superior grappling art lies in the how they compete. Judo, as it is generally found, has weeded out a lot of their grappling in favor of training the throws more, whereas BJJ (which actually came from Judo, albiet when it was more like Japanese Juijitsu than what it has evolved, sport wise) focused more on the ground game, probably due to the mentality of the Brazilian 'machismo' mindset.

    I would suggest perhaps watching a couple of videos on youtube about either, and see which you think will complement your personal style. The thing I like a lot about BJJ is the ability to subdue and opponent who is trying to hurt you, without harm to either of you. Also, as a striker, you have a weapon, so to speak, for when you are on your feet. But, you also said your school has a few throws, but you practice them irregularly. If you take Judo, you could help refine the throwing portion of your school, maybe help revitalize that portion. Good luck!
  11. Aaron

    Aaron Shadow Warrior

    You may also want to look into Hapkido also, your current art should be a good compliment to it.
  12. michael mckenna

    michael mckenna Grasshoppa

    i definetly would just there is no hapkido where i live
  13. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    The best combination I've seen lately is a fella I roll with every once in a while. He grew up boxing and is just out of HS wrestling. The combination of his boxing and his impressive wrestling skill make him a very tough target. He's learning quickly with BJJ as well. With his wrestling, already he is a beast on the ground, very strong.

    BJJ is awesome. In a self defense aspect there are some things that apply and alot that doesn't. Getting punched in the face changes a whole lot about your priorities when the idea of "fighting off your back" comes to you as an idea. Even professional fighters and black belts rarely submit someone off their back. It's happened numerous times, but it doesn't happen often.

    For the extreme. There is an adaption that allows punches on the ground during a bjj match. It's called Combat Jiu Jitsu.
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  14. liam

    liam Disciple

    There are a lot of good points on this thread. I would just add my two cents.

    BJJ does focus on the ground, but every school I have trained at has done throws and take downs. Last week we worked O Goshi, O Soto Gari, and single leg take downs. It really depends on the school you join, if they are a big sport school you will focus on rolling. I self defense school will include throws and self defense techniques. On top of that most BJJ schools have striking classes teaching kickboxing or Thai boxing/MMA.

    A few years back I trained in judo for a while and the thing I noticed that was the real difference in the ground fighting was the rules limiting the action. Judo ground fighting is not as intricate because of the rules of matches. In judo you have X amount of time before your stood up. If I remember correctly I think its something like 30 seconds. But when the judo guys I trained with, when they rolled they were just as good as the BJJ guys. They didn't bother with some of the new moves but they were dominant.

    Training in BJJ will give you the option of going to the ground or staying on your feet. And if it does go to the ground you will know how to get up if you want. And if the guy tries to punch you, well, you will know how to either submit him gently or snap the crap out of his arm, it that's what your into. Personally, I would rather walk away and not have anyone needing therapy.
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  15. nogibjjgear

    nogibjjgear Initiate

    Simply Judo focuses on standing aspect and throwing the opponent to the ground and bjj focuses on ground fighting techniques to dominate the opponent.

    Anyways guys? Im training in no gi and looking for a place to get rashguards from and i was wondering if anyone can suggest me a good place to get it from? This website nogibjjgear has awesome stuff and i was wondering if anyone has tried and if they are good?

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