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    Squat something heavy, push something heavy, pull something heavy, lift something heavy explosively from the ground to over your head, do shit that gets your heart rate up, rinse & repeat.
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    I have, and it is ok. I have also done the Rushfit, TapoutXT, and P90X. There are a couple of comparisons out there on the web, and insanity tends to fall at the bottom of the pack.
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    Of course always this stuff first or as the heart of anyone's training:
    then any of these or other stuff in the mix if you have time to shake it up and keep it fresh.
    My "new-stuff crush" has been The Burn Machine as supplemental fun to the fundamentals-focused workouts. (y)
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    Are you talking about your tug toner again?
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    I am not a fan of Sumo-style deadlifting unless you are a powerlifter with a particular body type. Conventional style DLing has much better cross-over to athletic training.
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    Sounds like sex with a fat girl...but I have never experienced that, so I would not know.
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    Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure you haven't.... :whistle:
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    Ok, She was drunk....
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    fat girl.jpg

    Apologies for the 'n' word. Was the closest to the mark I could find and my photoshoping skills aren't up to par to change it.
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  13. Sabomnim Dan

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    Sounds like you need more fiber in your diet.
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  14. MattCMMA

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    Holy fuck I just pissed my big girl[pun?] panties are all soaked.
  15. Gone

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    We don't need to do many exercises or elaborate routines.

    Almost everything not involving the barbell and your own body weight is null.

    And a lot of the stuff involving the barbell is not all that necessary, either.

    Do you really need more than..
    - Deadlifts
    - Bench Presses
    - Squats
    - Lunges
    - Pull Ups
    - Sit Ups/ Crunches
    - Push Ups
    - Farmers Walks
    - Shoulder Presses
    - Clean and Jerks
    - Bicep Curls
    - Calf Raises
    - Skull Crushers

    I mean, this covers just about every motion, movement, and position you're likely to ever be in and use in your life, does it not?

    If you are properly warming up and cooling down, stretching correctly and thoroughly, that you sleep well at night and that you eat well during the day, that your diet itself is in order, that you workout hard and smart with perfect form, that you are consistent and above all else that you enjoy what you are doing.. Then you will be more than fine.

    Meditating from time to time can only benefit you as well, too.
  16. Enkidu

    Enkidu Destroyer of your martial arts fantasies

    Not a bad list of exercises on the whole. Mine is more like this:

    Back squat
    Front squat
    Dead lift
    Bench press
    Push press
    Clean & Jerk
    Glute Ham raise
    Some form of hinge movement for the posterior chain
    Box jumps
    Some form of abdominal training
    Weighted neck movements
  17. Eric Dufurrena

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    There are various ways to do the same exercise to achieve a bit more work, and that little bit of variety helps keep your body from adapting too well. Also, the point of these programs is trying to keep it high intensity with little rest, which is generally at odds with actual body building. A lot of the perceived strength gains are due to repetitions of exercises which make it easier for you to do, through muscle memory. You can gain some muscle, but really you are (a) burning a ton of calories and (b) building cardio and muscle memory.
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  18. Enkidu

    Enkidu Destroyer of your martial arts fantasies

    One of my favorite ways to increase the amount of work done is Charles's Staley's very clever and easy to use Escalating Density Training program. Basically, you take your 10 RM for two exercises (typically one upper and one lower body) and train them back and forth together for 15 minutes or so. Don't ever do more than 5 reps per set, but you can do less. Never take a set to failure. Rest as needed. Record the total number of reps you perform for each exercise. The goal is to get as many total reps during the 15 minute bloc for each exercise as is possible. Your goal in subsequent training sessions is to beat that mark. Once you are able to increase the total number of reps by 20%, increase the weight on that exercise by 5%. A training session might involve two of these 15 minute blocs (with a different exercises in each bloc and a 5 minute rest in between -- some use longer blocs of 20 minutes as well) followed by more traditional set x reps training at the end with auxiliary exercises.
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