Interesting stick fight video

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by DeeD, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    what you guys think ? must have hurt damn

  3. Scorpion Ninja

    Scorpion Ninja Grasshoppa

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  4. Dale

    Dale Scholar of the martial arts

    Wow. Only thing I can think of is how inefficiently they used the sticks for grappling, they were trying to use them to poke each other instead of chocking the guy out with them.
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  5. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    Yea i also wondered why the guy on the bottom with the shaved head when he had the stick didn't use it to try and choke his opponent with it, but with a short diameter stick like that slamming it into the base of someone's neck im sure hurts as well, tough dudes to sign up for something like that, anybody that's been hit with a stick like that before knows how much that must have hurt o_O
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  6. RJ Clark

    RJ Clark Tree Ninja Staff Member

    It was high intensity sparring, not a full-on "fight". So some of the choices made were out of consideration for the sparring partner. Good stuff man. I love it when the training cycles up to that intensity level but the recovery from that isn't as fast as it was when I was a young buck...
    Using the stick for grappling usually works better when in close/clinch or during transitions on the ground vs working inside someone's closed/mostly closed guard. Also using a stick for compressions, chokes, and joint locks is much harder from a bottom position.
    On a side note, I'd rather take shots all day on my knuckles rather than getting popped on the radial nerve (up the wrist on the thumb side) ouch!:confused:
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  7. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    I agreed ... I love it that they did not hate each other at the end ...

    Did you all ever see the Russian fights in the wood ? ... OMG the woman, has to be a woman who is tougher than men ... I am looking for it and post it as new topic.
  8. Eric Dufurrena

    Eric Dufurrena The Iron Fist of Fun

    Not sure they were using very good escrima/arnis techniques, but maybe they just broke down in the fight. Big guys.
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  9. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    I was like what happened to the "wrist actions" on the arnis/kali/escrima ... if attacker did some wrist actions/baseball action, defender will give up quicker if one did not do close-in guard elbow to face/stay out the swing zone.

    If one hurt me painful with the stick ... I will throw dirts into attacker's eyes ... no questions asked
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  10. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    haha im feeling that recovery problem often lately, had 11 rounds of hard sparring last week was completely broken for probably 2 days afterwards:confused:
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  11. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    I would of thought that the bottom defender with the stick could have utilized it as part of the triangle almost like a gi choke, if that would work practically Im not so sure never tried to choke someone with a stick haha, what you guys think ?

    @Caneman with your cane training do you do any chokes with the cane
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  12. RJ Clark

    RJ Clark Tree Ninja Staff Member

    Maneuvering the stick to utilize it as part of a grappling technique is tougher from any bottom position, from your guard being the worst for stick mobility. Using a "short end" of the stick (whether you have a " regular" or reverse grip) for strikes and grappling is typically what you're limited to from bottom if you're being pressured properly.
    I typically only utilize sticks and blades so it will be interesting to hear about the options available with a cane's hook...
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  13. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    Yes. The crook of a cane is perfect fit for the neck... but that being said... truly, because it does not compress on itself (say like a tightened belt)... it is in reality a trap and lever point. Once the crook is around the neck, the operation is more of a lever, or can opener. If you are properly positioned, the lever applied through them to your grip or trap will choke.
    So loosely stated, the answer is yes...
    I do have a favorite which involves the straight part of the cane being brought under the arm and around to the front of the neck where it serves to dislocate the shoulder while choking. Allows you to lead them around like a puppet.
  14. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    haha like a puppet, Nicely played

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