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  1. dmach

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    Gotta love youtube don't ya???

    Somebody has uploaded the entire series of Highlander (The T.V. series)

    For those of you who where alive in the 90's and not in diapers, this should be a bit of a trip down memory lane.

    For the rest of you, as the intro says... Highlander is centred around an immortal named Duncan Mcleod, who is 400+ years old. He cannot grow old, get shot, stabbed, gassed, electrocuted - he is immortal. The only way he can die is to lose his head. When an immortal is killed, all there strength and knowledge gets passed on to the immortal that killed him. They must fight to the last, that last remaining immortal will have the strength of every immortal that ever lived.

    For a 90's TV series, it was also one of the best vehicles for Martial Arts at the time. The main actor Adrian Paul - has studied several styles such as Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do and Boxing and this comes out regularly in the series.

    But the coolest thing is the sword play. As you watch Duncan Fight, note that despite the fact his weapon of choice is the Katana, he will switch between Eastern and Western styles. This fits in well with a character who has had 400 years to study different styles and it works well.


    P.S. The series was based on a 80's movie with Christopher Lambert & Sean Connery of the same name. Scuttlebutt is that there is a remake in the works.
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    I love Highlander! I have the entire series recorded on my TiVo box. I hope the remake lives up to the original.
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  4. Kuyaken

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    yeap a favourite of mine, enjoyed the series too.
  5. DeeD

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    highlander was epic , not sure I want to ruin that memory by re-watching it though

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