Irish Stick Fighting

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Scorpion Ninja, Mar 11, 2014.

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    it got alot of flaws in it, especially this 1:37 ... I did not watch the whole thing but stopped 1:40 ... There is no power to do that uppercut from the solar plex with a short staff ... that is like a finger flick the nose ... I am sorry and did not like this at all.
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    He is a student of Glen Doyle. There are a few good points to it, but you are right, there are a ton a flaws. I watched the whole thing and I wasn't gonna say anything because I don't want to seem like I am bashing the Doyle system. But a lot of what he was teaching would just wind up getting your head bashed in in a stick fight. Not to mention his partner is holding the stick like a broad sword, not how people actually hold a stick. His take downs will not work unless the guy is so drunk he could stand on his own power. He has no leverage for the take-downs, there is no fulcrum of leverage. You need at least three points for locks or take-downs and he had one. Then you have that smash in, rake up and drive in, BS. Like you said the shot to the solar plexus wont do damage, the rake up to the chin flawed, no control over opponent stick (people don't stand still), the chin is a very small target, then the drive in like a spear, he still has no control over the opponents stick. My GM would kick my tail around the block if I taught that in my escrima class.

    But I can see incorporating the double handed central grip, not making it a focus, just a tool.
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    His adding his own sound effects didn't help:LOL:

    His spinning techniques from 5:00 onwards are straight out of a medieval quarter staff manual.

    At 1:06 the technique seems inadequate to me. You block and then drive the stick into his face.....why would you close the distance?
    I would rather, in quick succession drive into face, sternum and then face again as a combo, then step back and spin stick into baseball bat grip keeping the momentum going from the spin and then hopefully crack his skull with a finishing swing. Would that not be safer? Why try and grapple with weapons if you don't have to?
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