Is anyone moderating this??

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussions' started by kicktshirts, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. kicktshirts

    kicktshirts Sarah

    There seems to be quite a bit of spam posted on here in recent weeks, is no one moderating it?
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    I do moderate the forums, but it can be difficult. I am currently on holiday and spammers can drop by at any given time and post lots of spam.

    I have put lots of measures in place in order to prevent spam. Unfortunately, they continue to get through.

    I am considering making the forum private and requesting every new member to contact me by email in order to participate in the community. It is a bit of an extreme step, but it may be the best route to go down.

    Another option is to charge a small fee, such as a few dollars, in order to join the forum. I have did this in another community and it practically eliminates spam as spammers do not want to put any money down (particularly as they know there's a good chance their account will be deleted).

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