Is My Speed And Combos Good

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussions' started by TheSpeedBoy, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. TheSpeedBoy

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    Is My Speed And Combos Good

    Theses are my few clip from my shadow boxing session,I just trimed the Speedy part, please tell me how is my Speed and Combos.
  3. GoldDan

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    No... What is good is your small steps in the footwork. You are doing flurry uppercuts and jabs driving your power from the ground by raising your knees up and down. So I wouldn't say the speed is impressive, because your technique takes a dip, your shoulder turning is not present at all. Your power shots such as cross, overhand right, shovel hook to the liver, you can't do them properly because they need different footwork.

    I think that your stance is good, the small steps are good, the flurry uppercuts are good, the jab seems okay. But as far as speed I can't say, because you are only using one type of movement. Your combinations are not good, totally useless. For somebody who doesn't train martial arts this is a good demonstration that would make them go "Aaah so fast, looks great!" but for people who sparr and do boxing this looks like a total beginner.

    Here are some combinations, just to get you started.

    Jab forward, step in with the cross, jab jab while stepping backward, then forward again with the cross, roll, and create 30 degree angle. This is just to get that very important in and out movement.

    Cross to the glove guarding opponents chin. Uppercut to now unprotected chin. Go low, so that you can cover better, then step out at 30 degree and hook to the solar plexus. This is a KO tactic and inside fight entry.

    Jab, cross and pull counter cross, uppercut, same side hook, roll step out at 30 degree angle. This is a defensive tactic. This is the stuff you should spend your time on getting fast and sharp.
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    I would suggest focus less on speed and more on getting full range of motion in your shots, especially the jab and cross. You seem to be primarily throwing your straight shots by snapping at your elbow as opposed to turning your hips over. This makes it faster, sure, but there's no point being fast if it doesn't do damage when it connects.

    Shadowbox slowly in front of a mirror and focus on turning your hips over on those straight punches.

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