I've just tonight been banned from my local club until further notice.

Discussion in 'Aikido' started by john2054, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. RJ Clark

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    This is a prime example of the cycle you need to recognize for yourself and break. You post a thread knowing there will be nothing but negative responses and you're choosing to escalate based on a curse word that is part of a common phrase. If you choose to wear a sign that says "kick me" you don't get to flip out when someone does.
  2. JesterX

    JesterX Disciple

    You don't like being told to grow the f**k up?
    Then quit whining and messing your diaper.
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  3. Kuyaken

    Kuyaken Karate for the streets not just for trophies

    John you have a serious psychological issue going on,you need to sort it out have you been tested for BiPolar or Schzophrenic tendencies?

    I think you're near the end here from being banned for the swearing as I'm sure it is against the T's and C's of the forum.

    I think you're a crazy MoFo for challenging a women. Why not challenge the instructor instead.
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  4. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    I agree with Rj, John things have been going well for you and your family and the rest of this drama is self inflicted , Take it easy man you don't need this stress and aggravation is your life
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  5. john2054

    john2054 Nearly graduate

    OK sorry for swearing. Also i am going to take some time out to get my head together.
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  6. john2054

    john2054 Nearly graduate

    Well I have recently joined a new club. And tonight I had a bedroom brawl with my wife and step-daughter. She used Chinese style, and the little one used slaps style. I finished second, with the little one last. She was simply to short to get the shots in. And they said i couldn't fight?!?!?!?!
  7. Kuyaken

    Kuyaken Karate for the streets not just for trophies

    John I have some issues with your posts, you seem to "enjoy fighting" with women but i don't here you talking about fighting with men. I suppose you enjoy drinking Stella Beer too?

    you seem not to want to face anything negative. I think you'll find the cat isn't in the tree you're barking at anymore.

    You think attending class for a few weeks makes you an expert in that style.

    Why don't you get your daughter to film you getting your ass whooped by the senior MALE instructor in one of those clubs you've been kicked out from.

    I see a pattern here, you have been thrown out of every club you've tried to join, I wonder how many weeks before the Instructor from this Chinese school throws you out too.

    Wake up and smell the coffee or sign yourself into one of "those places" for a few months
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  8. Pedro

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  9. Sneaker

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  10. john2054

    john2054 Nearly graduate

    OK. I've only formally been kicked out of two schools, although i have been informally barred from others. I don't want to fight men because they might make me drink the dreaded stella you have so rightfully pointed out. Plus i seem to be a rather weak human specimen and so for that reason when i fight men, and they are not doing waza i am liable to get my ass handed to me on a plate. And yes I can think of more than one occasion of this happening. The last school i was barred from told me to pack my bags and quit martial arts for good. the fact that i have not is to my benefit. I was actually thinking about recording a street fight with my missus and that will be a good laugh. We can fight, with a ref, and then which is better 'Chinese style' or 'Aiki uni' style? All will be revealed!
  11. Eric Dufurrena

    Eric Dufurrena The Iron Fist of Fun

  12. Kuyaken

    Kuyaken Karate for the streets not just for trophies

    I am seriously concerned for the safety of your wife and daughter. You're just not getting it are you.
  13. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    One word what I just did about this post

    Un-watched this thread
  14. KeithW

    KeithW "Just keep training..."

    Your instructors are right. You have no business training in the martial arts. Quit now and take up marbles or something...
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  15. Aaron

    Aaron Shadow Warrior


    There seems to be a constant theme here of you getting either banned or kicked out of clubs... This is not normal in the martial arts community! To get banned and kicked out of schools is a serious matter. Having more than one instructor tell you that you should never think about doing martial arts again is cause for concern, I think you should seriously consider this advice that they have given you.

    In my opinion, your instructors have done the right thing, you got what you deserved, if anything you got off pretty lightly.
  16. Master of Nothing

    Master of Nothing Psychotic Pacifist

    ................................. John, everyone is jumping down your throat because you keep using the words "Street Fight". Which implies you want to beat the shit out of a woman. If that is not the case. Used to term "Sparring Match". A couple people Sparring in the park usually won't cause an harm. Just be careful about bystanders and children in the area. As you don't want to make passersby think it is a Real Fight.

    As for being kicked out of your school. Well, my question is how did you react to her when challenged? I've date "a few" women fighters. They are usually twice as cocky as a guy would be. Which comes from combating the image of Social Gender Roles. This is why the woman CEO is twice as ruthless as her male counterparts. And it is why women soldiers will be twice as Cruel and Unyielding when they will be deployed on the battlefield (unfortunately it will most like be within our own borders first). But, a woman fighter, by average will crank up the bravado when confronted by a Man. They will talk shit, they will talk loud, and they will push buttons.
    AND if you do consent to a S-P-A-R-R-I-N-G match. They Will Not usually hold back. They will hit you like you were a heavybag or actual attacker. YET, they will mean No Harm, intentionally.
    In those cases you have a few choices:
    1)She attacks. You're not there. Just evade. (You do practice Aikido, right?)
    No throws, no painful joint locks, etc. Just be the target that is never there.
    2)Sit her on her butt. But only if you can use CONTROL. You don't hurt or damage. Peroid! If you can't do this, refer to the previous option.
    3)Let her Beat The Living Snot Out Of You. Think of it as Conditioning. She hits you. YOU TAKE IT. Like a Man.

    4)She actually is better than you and smacks you are like the Redheaded Stepchild nobody wanted. Be Man enough to Admit Defeat. Don't get angry. just refer to option 3.

    5)Just DON"T. Do a trading of technique instead.

    In any case. You NEVER brutalize a woman. Even if she is trying to Kill You.

    Honor Is Life
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  17. john2054

    john2054 Nearly graduate

    OK firstly to Kuyaken, my wife and daughter are fine. We mess about a lot, but quite frankly that is none of your concern. Secondly to master of nothing, yeah I toyed with some of these senarios in my head. What I wanted to avoid was the situation when I end up going in some ones back garden and end up having the living s*** kicked out of me. That was why I was gunning for an open space. To be quite honest with you i have already tried doing some moves with this woman before, and ended up getting thrown on my back when i swung a bokken at her (waza). Now I have been banned for a year from my club and i have nothing more to do with that bird, for better or for worse. The last thing i wanted was for this to all blow up out of proportion like the way it has. I am a decent bloke, who used to enjoy training once a week. I really couldn't give a toss about all of the idiots across the world who think i shouldn't do martial arts. Trust me they don't know the half of it.
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  18. john2054

    john2054 Nearly graduate

    A quick refresher, well the fight which didn't happen didn't happen. And i am now five months off graduation.
  19. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    Glad it didn't end up being an issue
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  20. Arun Kumar Saha

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    Am I the only person who isn't abe to understand what he said? :(

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