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    I do myself as well, here's a good interview with him:

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    I was at our club bbq back in the 90's, and our Sifu had Sifu Richard Bustillo as a guest. When he was asked " what is the difference between Hsiu Lung Tao and JKD ", He simply replied " just the name "
    There are some brilliant schools/clubs teaching JKD Concepts out there, but they do not use the JKD name.
    BUT BE WARNED. do your homework. There are some fakers as well. I was Lucky:)
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    I think all karate style have a story like this one. Chito Ryu, the style I practice, same thing. Master died, the son took the lead, changed things to make more money, disagreements etc...
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    I actually rate JKD (Jeet Kune Do) as an awesome style but I'm going to play Devil's advocate here

    JKD was Sifu Bruce Lee's formation of various arts but specifically Wing Chun and Doces Pares (FMA)

    Now my view on this is that Sifu/Guru Dan Inosanto gave more to the foundation of JKD that Sifu Lee did.

    Personally I feel that JKD is Sifu Lee's interpretation of Filipino Martial Arts. If you watch a pure Filipino Martial Arts practitioner and a Jeet Kune Do Practitioner they are virtually Identical.

    I think Lee (a Wing Chun specialist) learnt more from Inosanto (a Doces Pares/Escrima specialist) thant Inosanto learnt from Lee.

    The infamous Nunchuku that Sifu Lee uses are the Filipino version of the "tool" not the Chinese or Japanese version.

    So from my findings and comparisons, I suggest that JKD is Doces Pares/Escrima or FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS under a different name
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    Thats an interesting observation
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    Please understand me correctly I do not want to blame anyone; I just going to share my thoughts about things that broadly applied in many spheres of our lives.

    Sometimes fanatical people cannot believe or see the truth, so other rare individuals who own this truth have to be silenced, because do not want to get into bad position which can be subjected to persecution of crowds of zombie fanatics or from political persecution.

    Perhaps other persons owning true may be glad to keep silent about the truth, and use fashion and politics for their own purposes. Such thing take place in many areas of our life that many people cannot even imagine.

    Also possible situations when someone is using the fanatical ignorance and makes money on it, and other someone is suffering from injustice.
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    JKD was doing just fine up till the mid/late 90's. That's when Linda Lee and her daughter Shannon tried to create the JKD Neucalus (sp), but politics and a clear path tore it apart. The issue was, from what I understand, is they were torn on traditional JKD and JKD concepts and what path to take. From there she tried to trademark the name Jeet Kune do but wasn't able to, she tried to trademark Jun fan, seeing how that was Bruce Lee's true name she couldn't do that from what I understand, but she did trademark Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, which keeps people from freely using it. But the kicker is Dan Inosanto has authorization from Bruce Lee to teach JKD and Jun fan Jeet Kune Do. Most of the people on her new Bruce Lee Foundation, were certified from Dan Inosanto to teach JKD. A lot of JKD teachers changed the names of there school, if they still call it JKD they are in some what affiliated with the Bruce Lee Foundation, because most dropped the name some time back just to not have to deal with the headaches of the legal system. Most likely from there instructors such as Jerry Pottet or Tim Tackett or others with the exception of Inosanto.

    If your looking for a JKD school, look at the curriculum of the school, not the name. Do they teach multiple styles such as kickboxing, grappling, escrima, silat, savate and others. Once you find a school that does that go for a visit and talk with the instructor, ask them who they trained under and investigate them. JKD school usually have very good record keeping and you should be able to trace the lineage back to either James Yimm Lee, Ted Wong, Dan Inosanto and Taky Kimura. These are the people certified from Bruce to teach, Inosanto being the highest ranking and most predominant, having certified the most amount of people in the art of JKD.

    good luck in your search.

    Here are a few links that I found:
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    I did a seminar back in the 90's with Sifu Bustillo, he is a really good man and martial artist. I have had a lot of respect for a long time.

    And I agree with you, do your homework. Some will say stuff about certain people don't matter because they don't train this or that system, but they will all name drop for their linage. do your homework and decide for yourself.
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    your Signature, this is so true to how the African Americans can relate to their "trip" from African shores to the Shores of America "The cowards never started. The weak died along the way. That leaves only the strong and we have arrived."

    Is it from the writing of an African American?
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    Not really sure where it's from. I read in a few places that it is about the frontiers men traveling west, others have it without the last line or different. The last line is mine, it's kind of a compilation of what I have read. Some places I have seen it have it as unknown.

    another variation is

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    Another reason is that its so damned expensive for lessons or "programmes"

    Why do JKD at $20 a lesson when you can do Krav Maga at $12 a lesson etc
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    In martial arts, just like in most things, you get what you pay for.

    I think a factor on the lack of popularity might be caused from its own philosophy. Since JKD promotes open mindedness and change, a lot of people, especially beginners, might view that as too chaotic and therefore messy to train in. Also, I don't think most JKD uses a belt system. Belts give new people a sense of where they belong within the group, and help define who to follow or ask questions.
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    Yeah, we all know this. We aren't discussing what it actually IS, we are discussing why it isn't popular. By definition, JKD is very personal, and each school might have different curriculums. You saying that the first form is not chaotic at all is great for you, but not all JKD do that form, or any form at all (forms go against Bruce Lee's philosophy, after all).
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    This is so true. the forms are not there in Bruce lee's ethos.

    But the thing is as soon as one puts combinations together in a sequence it becomes a form or Kata, so when someone says kata is useless but then goes on to talk about a form or a series of combinations then they are contraditing themselves.

    JKD is Bruce Lee's mix of everything he's done before. the same as Modern day MMA is the instructor's mix of everything they've done before. It was the original MMA but its not winning in the cage. from what I can see. plaese would you name some fighters that are winning in the cage using nothing but JKD as I can't think of any

    Even George St Pierre a Kyokushin Black Belt also uses his Black Bely BJJ in the ring when he needs to. nothing is pure these days

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    I agree completely Kuyaken, no style is truly "pure" anymore. They have evolved over time to accommodate for other advances in fighting styles
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    please would you name some fighters that are winning in the cage using nothing but JKD as I can't think of any???
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    I've practiced FMA and Jeet Kune Do. I'm a certified JKD Instructor under Sifu Kimura. While there are some similarities between JKD and FMA and while they do use some of the same principles, they are not one in the same nor can you really say they're Sifu Lee's interpretation of the FMA due to the foundation in which JKD is based upon which is entirely Western Boxing, European Fencing, and Wing Chun. Guru Inosanto definitely gave JKD it's more famous limelight, but that's not necessarily meaning Sifu Inosanto gave more to the foundation then Sifu Lee did. He just took off where Sifu Lee left it.

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