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    Thought I'd share a fantastic quote with you all :)

    Joe Louis is regarded by many as the greatest boxer that every lived. Apparently in the early 60s he met a young arrogant Muhammad Ali. Joe had done a tour in the 40s where he fought 5 'bums' and Ali brought this up.

    The story goes:

    Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali were both being interviewed one time when the young arrogant disrespectful Ali told the grand former Champ Louis that Louis fought all them bums on that Bum-of-the-Month Tour.
    Louis responded, "You would've been on that tour."
    Ali - "You callin' me a bum?"
    Louis - "No...but you would've been on that tour."


    Not many people got the better of Ali in the war of words. Ali also said he was an Uncle Tom but to Ali's credit, he later said this about Louis:

    If anyone wants to know more about Louis, I recommend viewing the documentary Joe Louis - America's Hero Betrayed.

    Another good documentary is "For All Time" :)

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    Little known fact about the "Nazi" fighter that the Brown Bomber famously fought twice (losing the first time, and winning the second) -- Max Schmeling. Schmeling actually wasn't a Nazi (he hated them and refused to fire his friend and coach who was Jewish). Schmeling survived the war and later became close friends with Joe and helped him a great deal financially after the USA fucked Joe over with tax evasion charges even after he gave his entire fight purse to the war effort.

    Joe Louis is the greatest heavyweight ever.
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    Yeah that documentary was a little bit unfair to the guy at times. Clearly the guy was played by his country the same way Louis was. It didn't really document how much Schmeling helped Louis after they had both retired.

    I've never really thought Ali was the greatest. As much as I respect him, I never really liked his arrogant attitude. I appreciate he was probably just selling fights lots of the time but calling out a retired legend like Joe Louis as a Uncle Tom etc was disgusting. Perhaps he can be forgiven a little due to his youth.

    The documentary said many times how naive Louis was regarding his contribution in the war and his tax problems. That's certainly true but his kindness is what endears him to me. He handed out money to anyone who needed it and knew that he was in a position to break down the racial divide.
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    Just watched 'America's Hero Betrayed' - What a wonderful and yet sad life to have lived.

    Thanks for sharing that, good to learn a little history every now and then.
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