Judo[NoGi] - Hari Goshi

Discussion in 'Video Instructional's' started by MattCMMA, Jul 25, 2013.

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    I'm absolutely fascinated with NoGi Judo. Found this little gem. Enjoy
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    It's worth noting that kneeing down to have more leverage to throw the other guy was forbidden in judo competitions because it damages the knee really bad
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    I forgot to comment on this when it was posted. As a throw it will be more effective if you over-rotate on the drop, more like an inside-out arm spin. It will wrench the hell out of your opponent's upper body/arm and help send him on his way. The over-rotation is an extra quarter turn which keeps you outside your opponent's legs (your knees will be ahead of the video uke left foot, your feet will be clear and basically ahead of his right foot). The instructor mentions "The part you guys are missing..." for collapsing while inside, which probably means they are having trouble executing the technique on (I'll assume) a resisting opponent. This most likely means that uke is taking the thrower's (tori) back and/or dropping their center and taking the back. Going with an over-rotation plus the drop makes this a lot less likely.(y)
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