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    Results and video are in from the K-1 Grand Prix 2013. Watch Mirko Cro Cop do the unthinkable and win the K-1 crown in front of his fans in Croatia.
    Seventeen years after making his K-1debut, Cro Cop has finally done it. Mirko Cro Cop has won the K-1 Grand Prix 2013. The UFC, Pride, and K-1 legend claimed the crown today in Zagreb, Croatia, defeating Ismael Londt in the finals. Along the way, Cro Cop also defeated Jarrell Miller and Pavel Zhuravlev, all via decision.
    Check out the full fight video of the Cro Cop vs. Ismael Londt finals above.
    Despite the great story of the aging legend finally winning the big one in his home country, Cro Cop's win does not come without controversy. His quarterfinal win over Miller was, in all honesty, a bad decision, as Miller should have taken the win. His other victories were more definitive, as he scored a knockdown in the finals to cement the win there.
    The other big name on the show was Badr Hari, fighting for the first time since serving time in prison last year. Hari defeated Zabit Samedov in the quarterfinals via decision, though it was a weird fight, with Hari tagged on more than one occasion. He did score a pair of knockdowns though, and that was enough for the win, even if it was sloppy at times. Unfortunately, it was later revealed that Hari broke his foot in the fight, and he was unable to continue in the tournament. Dzevad Poturak took Hari's semi-final slot against Londt.
    Overall, it was not the best show ever with a lot of strange fights and odd moments. But the finale of Cro Cop winning more than makes up for any issues along the way. Who knows what the future holds for K-1, or even if there is a future, but if they go out with Mirko Cro Cop as GP champion, that will be a fine ending in my book.
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    I love watching k1 , its this crazy mix of brutality with a game show vibe
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    I'm really happy that Cro Crop has this at long last. I haven't seen the earlier fight that was supposedly a really bad decision, but hey, it's not the first and wont be the last.
    In all honesty though I hope he retires with this feather in his cap.
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    agreed go out strong
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    Im glad for Mirko, but it wasn't a nice K1 Grand Prix, much big kickboxxers didn't compete. Almost all the good kickboxxers did compete in the Glory World Series final. We missed Peter Aerts, Semmy Schilt, Gokhan Saki, and many others.
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    this is exactly the kind of thing im aiming to compete in future
  8. I miss k1. Glory is amazing but it is far cry from the massive k1 prix.
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    They are restarting K1 this year again.

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