Keysi Fighting Method (KFM)

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  1. Eric Dufurrena

    Eric Dufurrena The Iron Fist of Fun

    I wonder what happened to this? The official site is gone. There is a guy in new york who does it, but i don't see much else. I have the videos for the first two grades, and it has some good stuff in it even for different styles, mostly the mentality of street fighting. Has anyone here actually gone to a real class or know anyone who does KFM?
  3. Mr.Bond

    Mr.Bond Big Ass Dog

    Never heard of it...

    I like how this guy teaches:
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  4. Eric Dufurrena

    Eric Dufurrena The Iron Fist of Fun

    watch from the 2:00 mark-looks very similar!!
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  5. Eric Dufurrena

    Eric Dufurrena The Iron Fist of Fun

    For Keysi, check out these...

  6. Mr.Bond

    Mr.Bond Big Ass Dog

    @2:14 On the third video, I thought he was being defending against bees...

    Interesting, nothing against protecting your head and exploding with your elbows.
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  7. Void_Karateka

    Void_Karateka Pauper Karateka

    Didn't KFm become uber popular when the newer Batman films came out? I know there's a guy local to me (Rick Dubidat) that's trained in KFM but doesn't coach it anymore. Doesn't seem like so much of a moneymaker I guess.
  8. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Lucky Cat Is Lucky

    Looks like it might be an off-shoot of Jailhouse Rock ... CQB-kinda' stuff.
  9. Eric Dufurrena

    Eric Dufurrena The Iron Fist of Fun

  10. Mr.Bond

    Mr.Bond Big Ass Dog

    Saw it, pretty good. Thought it was more Silat/KM me anyway.

    Just watched the video where his parents are talking and I saw the Kali inspired poster and the picture with Inosanto, so that is why I got the feel for South Asian MA Silat or Kali influence.
  11. Eric Dufurrena

    Eric Dufurrena The Iron Fist of Fun

    Only so many different ways to move the body, eh? Bound to be similarities. I think that one or both of those were part of the inspiration for KFM, but I don't recall at the moment.
  12. pablo

    pablo Initiate

    I love the look of kfm so I downloaded the white belt level and started training the pensador with a friend. It looked and felt good, but when we tried light sparing, the hands passing over my eyes repeatedly slowed my reaction time and I go hit...a lot! So..I think this form is easy to learn, and a powerful self defense for a completely untrained person who doesnt have the ability to deal with fast attacks, but I think you will find the same things I found. However, I plan on taking many of the concepts I learned, and adding a lot of new elbow attacks and defenses to my game.
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  13. thejim

    thejim Initiate

    I downloaded the white grade and appreciated it very much. I have adopted some of their fundamental principles and I am incorporating them into techniques that I am creating. However, very recently, I decided to download the yellow grade and I discovered that the two founders had a divorce and now "poof" - everything has vanished. Lucky for me, I installed the white grade on my computer before this happened. Does anyone have the other grades? Could I get them from you? I noticed Eric mentioned he has the first two grades. Eric, could I get the second grade from you please? I really want them all somehow. I know someone has them but I have no idea where to find that person. Thanks all.
  14. thejim

    thejim Initiate

    Okay, I have found the entire White, Yellow, and Orange grades on a YouTube channel! I recommend downloading the videos to your computer.
    PLEASE, if ANYONE has any additional material, share it with everyone!
    White Grade
    Yellow Grade
    Orange Grade
    Green Grade
    Blue Grade
    Brown Grade
    Black Grade
  15. Vidadi


    Hi, I hope you like my video too. It is not KFM but it has some same concepts
  16. pinklady6000

    pinklady6000 Initiate

    I like the simplicity of it, but I don't know if it works?
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  17. Vidadi


    The applications of it in a sparring or against full force resistaning partner is only way to check it . But before you need to practice it with partner a lot from non resistance drills up to full forse resistance drills, hundreds of repetitions are the keys to real applications.

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