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Discussion in 'Self Defense' started by Sneaker, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    VIDEO is in here :

    How would you respond when you see someone does that to someone else ?

    What is your best approach ?

    How are you watching your back ? (I used reflection such as glass, car windows, mirror ... anything that allows me to see what's behind me and of course check over the shoulder often)

    Any questions that you wanted to ask ?

    Any suggestions you may have ?

    What do you have to say about that ?

    Does that video teach us anything ?
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  2. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    thats terrible, little punk cowards

    Well that teacher for instance nothing he could have done, he is a teacher so is used to walking around kids so nothing out of the ordinary for him, got clocked as he walked past, besides that general street attack rules apply I would say if dude runs up and attacks ,if u spot him, take him out. Might be a game to him but not to the person being attacked
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  3. dmach

    dmach Martial Archivest

    The fucked up thing about it is that we SHOULDN'T HAVE to watch our backs against that sort of random attack.

    Having said that, these little gutless wonders pick their targets. May be wishful thinking on my part, but I'm going to go with that none of the members of this forum fall into the category of easy targets.

    Unfortuneatly the reality is that taking out the punk will mean that you will have a legal nightmare on your hands.
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  4. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    I reckon if you flattened one of those punks, U would be cool not saying stab him for instance but KO the little bastard , bit of discipline
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  5. Ivor Godley

    Ivor Godley grasshopper

    scumbag cowards!
    i would like to think that i would be sufficiently aware to spot the potential attack before it happens, but who knows till they're actually in the midst of the attack?
    i tend to try and keep clear of hedges, alleys, parked vehicles etc and try and look / listen for anything out of the ordinary - but the attack of that teacher didnt seem to show anything strange prior to the attack.
    and whilst i think Dmach is correct in his statement about the legalities, i think i'd quite happily larrup the little toe rag!
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  6. Clive Weaver

    Clive Weaver Initiate

    1- when I first watched the vid I thought " i'd wade into the toe rags." but then I instantly thought about the victim. do they need CPR or have they been sick, need paramedic, so many variables. I would see to the victim as soon as possible.
    2- depending on whether i'm alone or not. alone= straight to victim as soon as pos. if in group= try to delay their escape for as long as possible until the fuzz arrives whilst someone sees to victim.
    3- like you have said Sneaker. reflections, shadows, noise, body language. the only problem with these scags is that this is totally random with no intent to mug the victim and in daylight and in places where you would think you're reasonably safe. I think that for me to combat this I would be bordering on paranoia.
    4- no questions at the mo
    5- I think somebody else could answer that better than me
    6- makes me sick- sorry, don't want rant about the youth of today crap.
    7- sadly this tells us that its not safe anywhere. oh well, just have to keep training.
  7. john2054

    john2054 Nearly graduate

    Pretty sick that. I'd say the best thing we can do as parents is teach our youngsters not to engage in this kind of depraved activity. Is it me or do you wonder where the parents were of these kids who were doing these assaults?
  8. Master of Nothing

    Master of Nothing Psychotic Pacifist

    Ah The Knockout Game.
    As far as myself. If I'm within range. A Hard Takedown with a leg kick on the direct offender to immobilize them and keep them at the scene. Chances are the others will scatter as soon as the punch is injured. If you can immediately grab and immobilize a second one. I vote to do it but, like Dmach mentioned. Legalities.
    Either way. You can't spend too much time with them. They are cowards and will try not to stick around. Get to the victim and assist, like Clive Weaver mentioned. They are the priority and should be your first thought.

    I try to always be aware. I've been jump by groups before and have had occupations that demanded awareness. Plus, I'm paranoid by nature. If attacked by cowards like these. That person gets damaged and I go about my day.
    If it's aiding a victim. If I have the opportunity to damage one or two of the on my way to assist the victim. Cool. These type crimes are done in public. It's all about showing everyone how "tough" and how much you don't "give a shit" So, after someone is already subdued. Everyone around you will all of a sudden grow some balls. They can help control the already hurt attacker. Once someone starts to assist you with helping the victim. Then you have a choice. Stick around and deal with the legalities. Or get out of the situation (which could be a double edged sword if you are easily to recognize).
    I've had to jump in to assist someone that was being stomped on by 3, 3, 5, and 7 cowards. Everyone around was just watching. Noone was calling the cops or anything until the first 2 or 3 bodies hit the ground and the others scattered. Usually, that's when the calls start and someone offered to help the victim. I took off. And avoided those parts of DC/NoVa for a few months. The victim was cared for and there were plenty of witnesses to convict the attackers. So, I was no longer needed. Thankfully these things happened before camera phones though.
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  9. dmach

    dmach Martial Archivest

    Watched this. Rener Gracie makes some very good points here regarding self defence and (I think) has a very good take on the best way to deal with this game.
  10. john2054

    john2054 Nearly graduate

    Good video. Stay safe.
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  11. Battodoka07

    Battodoka07 Warrior Monk

    Almost like Routine Activity Theory (RAT). In this you have a likely offender, a suitable target, and the absence of a capable guardian. All three of these together formulate a crime.

    Simply by projecting confidence and being aware of your surroundings makes you a less likely target for victimization. Many of these cowards are looking for easy targets, not someone who would give them more trouble then is worth to them.
  12. Otto Pozzo

    Otto Pozzo I know the questions. Answers? I'm clueless.

    I'm sure sucker punching has been around for a long time. It was big in the sixties. (In Boston, anyway)

    I believe most Martial Artists might have an advantage in surviving such an attack. We get hit a lot as part of our lifestyle, we tend to be aware of our surroundings because A. -we're partially paranoid and B.- we tend to look at everything more tactically than most folks.

    There is a danger to the attackers as well. You don't want to go sucker punching a city boy. It just might piss him off.
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  13. aminiv10

    aminiv10 Initiate

    The training in Aiki – Krav Maga and self defense krav maga focus on four components: technical skill, physical capabilities, mental capabilities and simulations of different scenarios (which require a combination of the first three components). From a technical perspective the objective is teaching the practitioner efficient and effective techniques to deal with various violent encounters and that these techniques are performed instinctively so that reaction time when attacked is decreased. Improving mental capabilities in training will help the practitioner improve his function under extreme stress situation, keep ‘cool’ and think rationally when he needs to defend himself in violent encounters. Improving physical capabilities such as cardiovascular fitness, strength, speed, agility and flexibility will give the practitioner tools to effectively execute the techniques that he has practiced. Finally, practicing in simulations of different scenarios, with the practitioner under stress, will combine technical skill, physical and mental capability. In these scenarios we try to bring the practitioner as close as possible to a real event in which he needs to protect himself or others. The student’s objective is to effectively diffuse the situation as fast as possible with minimum injury to himself or other bystanders.


  14. student

    student Initiate

    I think this shows many lessons but one that stands out to me is that attackers aren't always hidden from site but they can blend in well making them easy to ignore. Being aware of your surroundings I believe is number one in avoiding a surprise attack. Any time you are alone, you are an easier target. If there is a group of people walking past you and you think it's better to ignore them, don't. Think about where people get attacked most, when they are walking outside either to or from a building or car, in a city. If you are in that kind of a situation on a daily basis, you need to always assume there are people that will attack you, even if they never do.
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  15. toddjutsu

    toddjutsu Initiate

    First, you had better know and UNDERSTAND your laws around use of force. Majority of states use of force law, does not cover becoming the "aggressor". Also, you had better have a true understand of all that led up to the encounter before you interject yourself, I cover all this when I teach concealed carry training.

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