Korean Zombie makes a plea to GSP to stop wearing the "Rising Sun" design

Discussion in 'Mixed Martial Arts' started by MattCMMA, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. MattCMMA

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    I completely agree. I as well see the letter that Chan Sung Jung wrote wasn't about his outrage of offense. His letter was to enlighten GSP on how the "Rising Sun" symbol is perceived by his Korean/Asian fans even to this day. Like I've said above.

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  2. Eric Dufurrena

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    I will be happy whatever GSP decides, as it isn't an offensive image to me, if he chooses to not wear it, that is great, he is thinking of other people, and that is good. But if he decides to continue to wear it, that is fine, not letting other people's perception of you control your actions is good as well, especially if you are not intending to harm and they know it. I like your stance on the whole thing, you definitely have great points, but I will respect GSP either way for his decision, which will be based on his history and perceptions. I hope he releases an official reply.
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  3. Dave76

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    Yep, that pretty much nails it for me.
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  4. Vldz

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    Yeah. The problem is, "many throughout Asia" is not quite accurate. To be precise, it is mostly the Korean and to lesser degree, the Chinese that felt offended.

    Even that, being a Chinese myself, I don't feel as offended as Mr Zombie did to the point of trying to dictate what GSP can or cannot wear.
  5. Vldz

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    Well then, if this Rising Sun flag is a symbol of Japanese war effort in WW2, and not the symbol of Japan, it is extremely weird to find this Rising Sun depiction in the Satsuma rebellion, don't you think.


    I am very well aware of the hatred that Korean people have towards the Japanese. This "enlightenment" that Mr Zombie bring to GSP is not really an enlightenment, it is a way of some group of people trying to dictate other on what to wear.
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  6. MattCMMA

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    Nobody said it wasn't a symbol of Japan. Actually the opposite. Here. I'll re-post it just in case you missed it.
    Actually he is making him aware of what that flag represents to his Korean and Chinese fans. As many westerners aren't aware of it. Here, I'll re post again, just in case you missed it.

    I even included the definition of present-day perception for you.
  7. Vldz

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    To MattCMMA. I am starting new string here because otherwise, the quote will be too long:

    Regarding this point - "Nobody said it wasn't a symbol of Japan. Actually the opposite. Here. I'll re-post it just in case you missed it."

    The issue here, neither Mr Zombie nor the Wikipedia ever presented this symbol as symbol of Japan. When arguing something, we argue what HAS been said, not the points that has never been said.


    Mr Zombie said: "were shocked to see you in your gi designed after the Japanese 'Rising Sun Flag'. For Asians, this flag is a symbol of war crimes, much like the German Hakenkreuzflagge" -

    Mr Zombie did not mention that this symbol was a symbol of Japan. It is not my responsibility to discuss that Mr Zombie never mentioned that this symbol wasn't symbol of Japan.

    Wikipedia said: "The Rising Sun Flag(旭日旗 Kyokujitsu-ki?) is the military flag of Japan.[1] It was used as the war flag of the Imperial Japanese Army and the ensign of the Imperial Japanese Navy until the end of World War II. The naval ensign and a modified version of the war flag continue to be in use by the Japan Self-Defense Forces, the design is also incorporated into many commercial products and advertisements. However, as the flag was used by the Japanese in the conquest and occupation of East Asia and during the war in the Pacific, it is seen as offensive in countries where it is considered to be associated with Japanese militarism and imperialism.[2][3]" -

    Again, Wikipedia never mentioned that it was a symbol of Japan. It mentioned that this symbol is a military flag of Japan. Like Mr Zombie, Wikipedia never mentioned that this symbol wasn't symbol of Japan. But then, it is not my responsibility to discuss the points which have not been mentioned.

    Regarding the next point - "Actually he is making him aware of what that flag represents to his Korean and Chinese fans. As many westerners aren't aware of it. Here, I'll re post again, just in case you missed it."

    We wasn't. Mr Zombie clearly stated that "For Asians, this flag is a symbol of war crimes". That what he said.

    In actual reality, most of Asian countries at this day an age don't really give a damn anymore (pardon my language).

    Also, Mr Zombie clearly spoken on behalf of the whole "Asian" race and cultures, this includes China, Korea, Thailand, Philipines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Mongolian and others.

    Wikipedia did mentioned that this symbol is considered offensive by countries that have been victims of Japanese attack, but it did mentioned "specifically inChinaand the Koreas,"

    Now, I am not aware of where did GSP wear this Rising Sun gi. It could have been in Korea, however, this is never mentioned by Mr Zombie in his "plea". Not to mentioned that his "plea" was a general request, meaning, should GSP "respect" Mr Zombie's "plea", GSP is not going to wear his Rising Sun gi anywhere ever again.

    This, of course would be very different if Mr Zombie "plead" in more or less this way

    "Hey GSP, please don't wear the Rising Sun gi when visiting Korea, people are getting angry"

    However,the "plea" turns out different didn't it?

    My point is very simple, take example of Mr George Lynch, an American rock guitarist. He is an American, therefore, his forefathers would have fought against the Japanese in WW2 and would have been in the receiving end of the "Kamikaze" attack.

    Yet, his guitar is lovingly named "Kamikaze" with HUGE Kamikaze kanji printed on it. Does Mr Lynch has any justification to feel offended by Japanese symbol? I think so. But he didn't.

    How many American movies features Japanese katana, the very weapon which is a symbol of Japanese at war? Kill Bill, Shodown in little Tokyo, TMNT, to name a few.

    In these movies, the heroes wear Katana. Did the American get offended? Nope, they made these movies.

    So at the end of the day, anybody can get butt-hurt over what happened in the past, but to cling to it, is just childish.
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  8. MattCMMA

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    I am not sure where your head is at, but just pointing this out. there seems to be something severely lost in translation.
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    This is probably the most HTML heavy thread I have ever seen. I am finding the usage of HTML to have different colours and font sizes to be offensive to all people who read text on a forum thread. While I respect your usage of HTML to garnish your posting and get your point across there are people who can understand the written word and do not need to be offended by your usage of HTML. So please, if you do not want to offend those avid readers of this thread and to prevent inadvertently offending them stop using HTML. So long and thanks for all the fish.:troll:
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  10. Charlay Atkins

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    Sorry I'm not sure of the point that you are trying to make, please post link so that I may understand your point.:whistle:
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    We should post an alert at the beginning that says: WARNING! Continued reading of this thread may cause seizures or induce migraine headaches to sensitive readers...:D
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  12. DeeD

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    too many colours aaaaaaaaaaaarh :dead:
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  13. Eric Dufurrena

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    GSP posted on facebook

    "I'd like to also personally apologize to anyone who was offended by this. I am very sorry, that was never my intention."
    in response to Hayabusa's apology.
    Since Georges St-Pierre wore our walkout gi at UFC 158 we have received attention surrounding the negative connotation of the rising sun graphic used. The last thing we want is to offend or alienate anyone with the choice of design on our products.

    We at Hayabusa have the utmost respect for culture and history and app...reciate all of our customers worldwide. As such, we accept full responsibility for this design and are taking all complaints and comments very seriously.

    The gi worn by GSP will not be brought to market. In addition, we will be very conscious of this specific design element when developing future communication materials and products.

    Please accept our sincerest apology for any offence this has caused. If you have any questions or comments regarding this matter, please feel free to discuss it with us at [email protected]. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you.


    Craig Clement
    Hayabusa Fightwear Inc.
  14. DeeD

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    good on them, handled it well
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    I think we should get some of these made up......

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    I have gotten that seizure mate.

    Bubble coming from my mouth. blblblbblblb.
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    Love the "Real Man/Woman"
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    [qulike "Vldz, post: 24725, member: 1564"]Love the "Real Man/Woman"[/quote]

    I like G Narrative and the offer at the bottom to dispatch a "hugger" and/or provide a blanky :D

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