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    Hi. I'm new on this.
    Just do some of you know about the real differences in matter of techniques, ways to hit, etc, between Krav Maga and Kapap?
    I just have been reading some info in the web, but it is still does not useful for me to understand a reral diference.
    What only belongs to Krav Maga? What only belongs to Kapap? Even it seems both were so linked in the early days.
  3. Kuyaken

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    I think its the same as Shukokai and Shito Ryu, both same lineage and same techniques etc, just different politics etc.
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  4. BAKOM

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    I think I'm starting to understand about it. No much difefernces seems to exist at all.
    By the way -it goes off the topic, but...- what is the most common style of Karate, which I suppose is the sportive one.
    Shotokan? Shukokai and Shito Ryu? Or anything?
    I'm lost in the martial arts world, sorry! Heheee...:oops:
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    BLANKA !!!! the avatar ... my favorite fighter on Street fighter !!!!
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    List of Popular Martial Arts Styles

    Here is a list of many popular martial arts styles or systems with details about their fighting techniques, katas, etc. This list will allow you to learn about a variety of martial arts styles and the differences between these martial arts styles or systems.

    Each section below will provide you with information and videos focused on that style's kicking techniques, submission moves, strikes, terminology, katas & forms, etc.

    Continue to read ...

    My best answer to your question is probably Okinawa Style Karate ... and remember that although every karate style has some flaws as well and it depends on the person who study carefully, train hard and keep improving ... it only takes one mistake to end then learn and correct that mistake (if you are still alive) ;)
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  7. liam

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    Kuyaken is right, basically politics.
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    Hey thanks! That blackbeltwiki is very useful and I have found things I never thought of... haha.

    Returning to Israel... Do someone know what are the names of those "10 chosen" disciples of Imi??? I have tried to find it in the web, but could not...
    Blanka kills! he... Guile is cool as well.
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  9. liam

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    The biggest one of all is Eyal Yanilov. Mr. Yanilov is the only individual who carries both the highest grade ever given by Imi (Master level 3/Expert level 8) and holds the unique "Founder's Diploma of Excellence"
  10. liam

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    I have never heard of that. There are several with expert ranks, but as far as I know Imi never had 10 chosen disciple from what I know of, this is a first for me. Google can't even find anything, so I imagine it is not very true.
  11. Sneaker

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    there it is ... 11th paragraph :

    Therefore, when he retired in 1967, he opened two academies: one in his hometown of Netanya and the other one in the city of Tel-Aviv. His objective was to assemble a group of loyal students with which he will be able develop the Israeli martial art for self-defense. His mission was successful and during the years Imi qualified a group of ten disciples, to whom he taught everything he knew and those were the only ten people to receive a black belt from him.

    Yaron was Imi’s second student ever after Imi left the military and began to develop Krav Maga. Yaron was around Imi almost daily for over thirty years. Yaron was one of only ten men whom Imi trained from beginner to black belt.

    That is 2 out of 10 now :
    1: Imi
    2: Yaron

    I looked up on google and have not try on bing yet "Imi taught ten black belt " and feel free to search and read more :)

    Sorry I have to stop searching/reading and its dinner time with my family and else.
    Good luck finding more about it and please share.
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  12. liam

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    ok, so from wiki, there is 11, "Some of the first students to receive a black belt in Lichtenfeld's civilian Krav Maga Association of 1st Dan, were: Eli Avikzar, Eyal Yanilov, Raphy Elgrissy, Haim Zut, Shmuel Kurzviel, Haim Hakani, Shlomo Avisira, Vicktor Bracha, Yaron Lichtenstein, Avner Hazan and Miki Asulin."

    personally, I favor Eyal, just from watching his videos on youtube. I have seen different people teaching, but I like his methods and style the best.
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  13. Sneaker

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    Good eye there

    History's 5th paragraph
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  14. Vidadi


    The main difference is politics. The most solid krav maga styles has same root. The Kapap has not certain root, all main styles claim being original. Generally Krav Maga and Kapap is Combat non sport MMA for Combatives & Self-Defense.

    I hope you like one of my videos:

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