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    Say goodbye to stiff, inflexible muscles - then say HELLO to Loose, Flexible and Powerful Muscles and Pain Free Joints

    Splits in 90 Days


    Kyoshi Kevin “Hurricane” Hudson began training in martial arts at the age of eight. At 13 he decided he wanted to be a world champion kickboxer and dedicated his life to helping others become better through martial arts training. Kevin began training for the ring early and began competing as a teenager. In 1992, he took over operations of the academy he grew up which had only 2 students, his brother Shannon and one more.

    In 1994, he won the K.I.C.K. World Cruiserweight Kickboxing championship with a 12 round victory over Neil Singleton. He continued to compete regularly, winning other titles under different organizations including the I.K.F. United States Heavy Weight title in 2002. During his travels and training he began working under Mr. Joe Lewis.


    Mr. Lewis was the first karate and kickboxing champion ever in the U.S. Kyoshi has now earned his 5th and 6th degree black belt under Mr. Lewis. He recently earned his 7th Degree Black Belt under the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems in 2013. In 2005, Hurricane Martial Arts Center opened a second location in Taylors. Then in 2006, Kyoshi and his brother Shannon “the Cannon” Hudson opened a 3rd location in Greenville.
    Recently, since the passing of Grandmaster Lewis, the Superfoot System designed by Bill "Superfoot" Wallace has merged with the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems. Kyoshi recently tested for Black Belt under Mr. Wallace, proving his kicking technique is parallel to the legend himself.

    Today Kyoshi spends most of his time at the original Lyman academy. He overseeing classes and daily activities at all three Hurricane locations. Kyoshi sees his mission as not just teaching punching and kicking, but a way to improve one’s quality of life through martial arts training.

    Find out more at http://www.splitsin90days.com/

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