Looking for a heavy bag that last.

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    Hi all

    I need to buy a 70+lbs heavy bag that can stand up to bare hand punching and kicking. I am surprised I cannot buy the Everlast white canvas bags anymore. That's the only one that can stand up for using for a year or two. The vinyl ones just break in days. I don't know all the new covers like Nevatear, polycanvas and the other fancy names. I just need suggestions in buying one that can last.

    I know leather bags last for a long time, I have a 100 lbs already, I want one with rough surface to condition my hands.


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  3. alan0354

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    Thanks, I really want to find one that people have experience with. I bought a few Tuffware black canvas or nylon canvas, they did not even last a week. Too bad Everlast stop making their white canvas bags. Even that, I have to stuff extra material to make it hard enough so it does not give as much. When it gives, that's when it will rip eventually.

    They actually sell a lot of the unfilled canvas bags on ebay, problem is they are only 33" long.
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  4. Kuyaken

    Kuyaken Karate for the streets not just for trophies

    That's a big problem, I practice Ashihara Karate (from Kyokushin) and I tend to use walls and trees to toughen my knuckles and shins thats how Sosai Oyama did it anyway.

    Wish you luck in finding the right heavy Bag for you

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    I got this article when I googled..
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    As punching bags go, the heavy bag is the hardest hitter. Stuffed with environmentally friendly cloth cuttings and reinforced with gravel-filled pipes

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