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    Aaaaaaarrrrgh!! I was just going to bed, My buffday has caught up with me........But I couldn't resist!!! One of my most favourite sensitivity drills I use as often as possible. Hu bud is amazing, thanx for sharing this.......I love ya man....respects, peace and love my fellow JKD enthusiast XXXXXXX WOOOOHOOOO!!! You have got me hyper lol xxxXXXXxxxx
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  3. Bruce

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    Hope you had a good day, all the best.
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    I luv ya man XXXXX
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    Learn the drill, do the drill, break the drill. He has a good point about doing the drill but making sure you include more in the drill than just the Base Drill. This is a great drill, though we tend to learn it with sticks first, as it forces you to be more true to the angles.
    We are currently doing single knife work, The name the drill I'm not sure of the spelling, but we are supposed to add Hubud in the next few classes in some ways that we haven't tried before. We had a seminar with Tuhon Rommel Tortal this summer, and we have been going over what he taught and this is just one more addition.
    Great video. Thanks.

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  6. Deborah

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    HELL YEAH we do it with sticks too Jim and once you get the hang of the base drill I moved on to all the variations and yeah it,s called Hubud...I looooove it, respects, love and peace my martial warrior friend XXXXXXxXXXXXX
  7. svrider

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    Ju jutsu guy here with a love for stick work ( some arnis is a requirement for progressing in our school) Love the drill, we used to do it also...sticks first then open handed. We had one instructor that would break the rhythm by throwing a back fist up the middle which would get countered by capping the back fist with your hand and directing downward then throwing another high punch / hook. Is that something inherent in JKD? just curious

    on a side note I have played with this drill from a knife stand point and love that also, much respect for all you FMA and JKD men and women.
  8. Regent St-Onge

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    I love that drill Bruce... congrats, video well done and easy to understand for beginner...
    Keep on rockin...
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  9. Colten Wilson

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    thats cool the jut kune doo style of chi sou

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