Ma Weiqi Bagua seminar in Vienna by Guo Shilei

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    Greetings, fellow martial artists!

    Guo Shilei of Ma Weiqi Bagua and Yang Taiji will be conducting a seminar in Vienna from 7-9 September this year. Private lessons can be organized during the preceding Mon to Thu.

    Guo Shifu is also a disciple of Professor Wang Shuquan (王树权), a famous osteopath in Beijing with frankly amazing ability at correcting spinal misalignment among other things.

    Depending on participant interest, the following topics may be covered:
    • Baguazhang (Ma Weiqi style, Cheng Tinghua style)
    • Taijiquan (Yang style)
    • Xingyiquan
    • Sanshou (sparring) using internal methods
    • Tuishou (push hands)
    • Tuina (osteopathy)
    For enquiries or to register interest, please post here or email us at [email protected]


    Footage from a seminar in Singapore a few years back.
    With the exception of the English gent, everyone else was a stranger to GSL at the point of this vid. (Most of them became disciples afterwards though.)
    So yes, it's entirely possible to toss people out even if they're not cooperative students. [​IMG]

    Our guy in blue won the 80kg division. He used only our basic lead/rear diagonal slash throughout his fights.
    Our other guy (not in vid) won the 50kg bracket.
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