Medical Fund Donations For Martial Artists

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    Hello Martial Artists everywhere,

    With certain crowd-funding sites like GoFundMe & YouCaring (among others), fellow martial artists experiencing illness or injury - especially training-related ones or family illness - can benefit from a helping hand. We, in the martial arts community, have the power to help in just mere seconds or minutes.

    No donation is too small. Even a couple of bucks helps! Whatever you can spare would be greatly appreciated. Some dedicated martial artists don't have all the finances to handle unfortunate illnesses or injuries.

    Thank you for your kindness.

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    YORI NAKAMURA: Jeet Kune Do Instructor & practitioner of multiple styles (e.g. Filipino
    Martial Arts, Shooto). He's got many students and has held seminars for many more.

    The above GoFundMe page has more details. For some amazing videos, just type (or copy/paste)
    into YouTube: "Yori Nakamura" or just click: See Yori Nakamura On YouTube

    Instructor Yori suffered a serious training related medical issue (aorta & heart), a rough
    internal injury. His GoFundMe page has more details. Even a couple of bucks would help with
    medical expenses if you're feeling a little generous. If you're edified after seeing those cool videos of him
    on YouTube, please consider sending along a little help to his Medical Fund at GoFundMe:

    It's real easy and could probably take less than a minute.
    Thank You.

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