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    In the death metal scene we normally mosh and headbang until we need to see a chiropractor, death growl or scream until our voices give up on us, and drink alcohol until we throw our blood and guts up.

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    The body should know what to do, takes a while to get there but you should know what technique your using on the next swing, Ie. side change or large roll back switch before you even compleate the one previous. and have your counter movements set up for your opponents trickery.
    this way you can retain hun de lin jin or mental calmness of suspending the head, when you focus too much on what technique your doing at that point you end up altering your posture into the movement. and unsuspending your head which leaves your body vunerable. Ie:example, "when your at work and doing a task and move to grab something and you hit your head smack into a wall and keep doing what your doing it doesnt hurt, but if you are compleately unaware of what your doing and fall and hit your head exactly the same you might sustain an injury. kinda how it works dont really know the martial denotation. but thats why you keep that posture. how does this tie in ? the amount of material you learn in tai chi is enormous because you have to learn about everything to explain to your mind how nature works it is a by product of learning something esoteric, you have to have the natural laws like leverage, gravity etc.. and a solid grounding in them to understand that sometimes the laws of nature can be manipulated to have have different results. like inch jin you basically use the law of gravity in the since that for each inch your body moves you can move at one gravity constant or you can multiply it for each inch you move in this since you can compound your chi into the movement. this all makes since theoreticaly but in practice it makes your head hurt.

    my .02cents is that no one likes to learn at first but after a while it becomes an addiction. and the basic stuff becomes easy elementry school, and so does the advanced stuff middle school. theory high school. culmination of lower learning bacholors degree, understanding of techniqual code systemization "unique contribution" masters degree, moral isolations or invention of entire new system based on past experience "thesis on martial arts" phd. when you apply the process it might take your entire life to understand a principal because some of them people spent there entire lives createing.

    Sorry! I ranted i'll probably get alot of goofy posts for this.
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