MMA Fighter Rips Out Friend's Heart and Eyes

Discussion in 'Mixed Martial Arts' started by SifuPhil, Sep 12, 2012.

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  4. Pedro

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    That's really bad and sad to see one getting this affected by drugs.
  5. Rockne Helms

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    I find myself searching for something to say about this but am at a loss. What went through his mind under the mind altering influence of the "tea" is impossible for me to determine and I am sure (i would hope) is devastated by his actions. I don't want to parade this out as an example of one of my fears, but maybe I'll trot it out for a look. We live in a world where respect and tradition and discipline take a backstage to being "tough". It has become terribly easy for people to learn how to inflict serious injury another person without weapons, and it has become easier to get and use weapons as well. MMA, though entertaining, has brought about various styles and people learning how to kick the crap out of another person, but has glorified it like ancient gladatorial contests, but seemingly without even the honor imposed by that "art". I have a lot of respect for the skill of many fighters, but find it tainted by the smack talking "profession wrestling" circus of disrespect. It seems as more people learn to "fight" the fighting is what its about, and not the purpose of learning to defend one selves, ones family, ones friends, to avoid confrontation when possible. It is man's nature to enjoy a little "rough housing" and mix it up. I like the feel of contact once in awhile and taking a shot now an then and delivering it, but in the spirit of mutual respect, control and education (self), but the tradition, respect, honor and discipline of the art is what keeps me grounded and on a path of earning respect not of being feared.
    I guess I am rambling, but I envision the event above being aborted if that "fighter" would have had a foundation of the tenets of the arts to stand on in the midst of a storm of chaos in his mind.
  6. Pedro

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    I'm sorry, but i have to be honest. I don't like MMA fighters. I know not everyone of them is like that, but i think they are like 'bullies'who just want to beat each other up. It shouldn't be called mixed Martial Arts.. just "fighting" as long as it is not really an art. Just my opinion....
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  7. SifuPhil

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    Mushrooms can be and have historically been used in spiritual "quests", but their dosage was carefully controlled and the person doing the quest was usually by themselves. In the proper dosages, and with the proper mind-set, everything appears with crystal clarity and you gain new insights and wisdom concerning metaphysical matters.

    When you have a bad trip on mushrooms, whether because of over-dosage or improper mental preparation, you can experience depression, paranoia, edginess and perhaps what happened in this case - a bypassing of the brain's normal "filters" that regulate morality.
  8. Asriel

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    What else would you call something that consists of boxing, muay thai, wrestling, bjj and judo?

    I also find your assertion all MMA fighters bullies incredibly offensive. I have many friends who fight and are some of the nicest people I've ever met. You get bullies in all walks of life, let's not tar everyone for the actions of a few.
  9. Rockne Helms

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    He did say " I know not everyone of them is like that...", but I digress. I know and know of many Ultimate Fighters, MMA practitioners that are great people. It's a job and some of them are good at it. No different than Boxers, and other combative sports that are less "popular". It is unfortunate that this thread about some guy on mushrooms losing all touch with reality had to be labeled with MMA fighter. Could have been accountant tears out eyes, or waiter or anything and we have gotten into another area focused on MMA and that is partially my fault. I love the sport and applaud the warriors, but dislike the glorification because that does bring in other elements that are more concerned with money, than honor, fairness, respect, tradition...blah blah blah.
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    i wander what kind of mushrooms - its said flygarat mushrooms (excuse me if spelt wrong) can make people go mad in that way regardless of what person they may be ordinerally, really not to be messed with as they are a very different animal to other psychedellics
  11. Judah

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    At a loss for something to say eh? Lmao!
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  12. Judah

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    I wonder as well, I mean I've never felt the urge to eat a still beating human heart after ingesting mushrooms, psychedelic or otherwise. And marijuana typically makes people too lazy to go to all the trouble of cutting someone open....
  13. MT_Demers

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    WOW!! Too bad to include the fact he is a MMA fighter right in the title of the article. His actions had little to with the fact he is a MMA fighter, other than the training enabling him to be more effective in carrying out the horrible act, but the fact he was under the influence of some very powerful drugs. He could have done this with no martial arts training. Should read "Man rips out friend's heart and eyes while high on mushroom tea." Gives bad light to martial arts in general not just MMA.
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  14. Dpendleton

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    The moral of this story is don't do shrooms.
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  15. Judah

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    Drugs are bad mm'kay.

  16. RJ Clark

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    This is the key point. As others have said, it could have been anyone. There's no training that would have allowed him to will-power his way into controlling himself.
    I was going to go into a long dissertation on this, but why bother when it's really so simple. Martial arts are about fighting. Tag all the philosophy, etiquette, and anything else you want on it, or soften it with semantics and PC phrases. But the heart of it is fighting.
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  18. Enkidu

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    Living in Southern California, I've had the opportunity to know and even train with many, many, many people who fight in MMA, including people who have fought in the UFC, StrikeForce, Pride, and other organizations. One of my very close friends is a well-known MMA ref. My friends are almost all fighters or former fighters.

    The description of MMA fighters as a bunch of bullies couldn't be further from the truth and, as Asriel stated, they are among the calmest, nicest people you will ever meet.

    I am going to be blunt here (like anyone would expect any less from me): I think a lot of the dislike of MMA fighters among some self-styled "true" martial artists comes from the fact that they feel some form of inferiority complex about MMA and somehow realize that most of them (and even the best practitioners of their art) would get smashed in a fight against any MMA fighter worth his salt, in a cage, in a ring, on the street, in a boat, with a goat, I do not like green eggs and ham, Sam, I am. So, recognizing this, and thus feeling a good deal of insecurity about their martial art of choice, they resort to any number of silly claims about MMA and its practitioners, including name-calling, disparaging its efficacy outside the cage/ring, the lack of art, budo, or whatever you want to call it, and so on.
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  19. SifuPhil

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    The FACT is that he was an MMA fighter. The FACT was that his friend was discovered in the state already mentioned.

    I'm just reporting the facts, not editorializing on them. If it had been a Taiji guy I would have done the same. If it involves martial arts, even tangentially, I'll include any and all such articles I encounter in the future.
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  20. RJ Clark

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    Absolutely. It's not on you how the media presents this. It's the added notoriety inherent in people's perceptions and biases of MMA fighters that the media played into. The more drama the bigger the audience. We probably wouldn't even be discussing it if it was only mentioned later in the article that he was an MMA fighter instead of part of the headline.
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  21. Eric M. Miller

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    this is the reason i dont do drugs in general, and am ambiguous on the case of heavy drinking.

    what do perceive as reality? what makes us, us? it's what i experience: the things i do, see, feel, taste, hear. if you are experiencing things that aren't really there, it alters your perception of reality, not only during, but after the experience.

    i want to live in the real world and see it for what it is. not some illusion.

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