Moni Aizik: A Study in Martial Deceit - Part 2

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    Not a single military source has come out on Moni's behalf from the military he claims to have taught. This in itself is remarkable. Not one single person.

    But it was on Human Weapon - it must be true!

    I've read that the Human Weapon team chose Moni Aizik because they saw/read his extensive claims on his websites. They did not verify them. They saw his marketing and agreed to feature him.

    Note that Moni is the only person to teach on the episode with no students or school and selected an isolated location away from from the public. For a person claiming to teach the special forces, he had no soldiers nor access to any military base/equipment

    But he survived an ambush by over 1000/2000 Syrians (numbers change in accounts).

    I also looked into this. There is no such battle documented in any account of the war by anybody on either side. Also the nearest major battle I could find was a tank battle.


    Chief Instructor of Krav Maga

    Moni states he was asked to help Imi revamp the Krav Maga system as he had the combat experience Imi lacked. Imi was a soldier in WWII, seeing action across the Middle East with the Czech legion attached to the British Army. This was on top of his life-experiences in Middle Europe and the Nazi gang-violence Imi endured on the streets - extreme violence, where Jews could be beaten, stabbed or shot with impunity. This is the gritty, ugly background from which Krav Maga evolved.

    This is a million miles from the glossy Black Belt Magazine, Walter Mitty history with Moni in the starring role.

    Moni tried to re-write history and to make it reflect on him as the real creator of the Krav Maga system, and of course a war hero. Someone even tried to rewrite the Wikipedia Krav Maga page on several occasions. CKM has a huge publicity machine, a huge budget utilizing viral marketing techniques on on the net, on internet forums, on YouTube and in print.


    A statement from an Israeli SF Instructor:

    "I am currently a Krav Maga instructor in the IDF. The name Moni Aizik, whose real name is actually Menahem Aizik, has been brought to our attention so many times over the course of the last year mostly by people who just want to know if what he is advertising is true or not. I am posting because the fact is that what Moni has done was create a lot of confusion about what real Krav Maga is and that is harmful to all instructors that dedicate themselves to Krav Maga.

    No one here is criticizing Moni Aizik as an instructor. It’s well understood that he is a very talented martial arts instructor with numerous martial arts achievements that include being the Israeli youth league judo champion. What we have an issue with are his claims that relate to his association with Krav Maga and the Israeli special forces, so please, all of you Moni fans, supporters, and instructors we can respect your appreciation and love for CKM, but don’t respond with your ‘go fight Moni, he’ll beat you, and you’ll be sorry’ responses, it does not prove a thing about his claims.

    What I am writing here is part of what I know and other parts of what other instructors I serve with and commanders that we checked with know to be fact. There are 2 parts to understand here 1 is the facts about Krav Maga as it is in the IDF from the beginning to today and 2 is how Moni is connected to Krav Maga and the army today.

    1 – There are 2 official bodies that govern Krav Maga in the army: first is Wingate which is in charge of general Krav Maga for the entire army, and the second is the counter-terror school, which is in charge of Krav Maga for the Special Forces. In 1948 Imi came to serve in the IDF, created Krav Maga and was the first ramad Krav Maga (which means the head of Krav Maga). At this point Kapap became extinct and Krav Maga became the official system of the IDF. Imi retired from the army in 1968 (he NEVER came back to the army from retirement, as Moni says he was assigned to work with Imi on updating Krav Maga in 1974!)

    In 1968 after Imi, Eli Avikzar became the ramad Krav Maga until 1981, then Boaz Aviram until 1983, then Ilan Yona, then Shachar, and today Ran Nakash. No one on this list knows Moni as being an instructor to the IDF at any point in time.

    Krav Maga is a generic name for hand-to-hand combat in Hebrew, but it is NOT a generic system! It is a very specific system with specific strategy and tactics, and that is the system that the IDF uses. What Moni teaches has nothing to do with Krav Maga and any one can see that. His system may be good or maybe not, I am not going to give my judgment on it, but it is not what is required for the IDF or the IDF special units and the IDF would never adopt a system like that.

    Let’s talk now about facts about Moni and his attachment to the special forces today. Moni advertises that he served in a special unit called sayeret. There is no such thing as a unit called sayeret, sayeret is the term given to special units that conduct patrol operations, every unit that is patrol operations certified is called a sayeret. Out of all the people that are real veterans of the special forces that advertise themselves in public, Moni is the only one that refuses to say in which unit he actually served in. He says that his unit of 74 soldiers was ambushed in the Yom Kippur war and that everyone was killed except for 6 and that his unit was disbanded because of this ambush. Anyone can check with the IDF office of Morakim (which means historical events, they have the files of all events every unit ever been through) if that is a true story. The Lieutenant-Colonel in charge of that office served for 25 years in the army (15 years in sayeret golani) and confirmed that that is not a true story. There was no unit that was ambushed during the war and lost that many soldiers and was then disbanded.

    Moni did not serve in an elite commando unit.

    He was not assigned to Imi to ‘revamp’ Krav Maga.

    He had nothing to do with the advancement of Krav Maga for the IDF.

    He has been to Israel several times over the last few years and gave complimentary seminars to regular soldiers. This is something that many of instructors from different organizations do. There is nothing official about it and it has nothing to do with the regular Krav Maga training any units get in the IDF. His system CKM is not use by any units in the army.

    Last December Ran Nakash agreed to let Moni come to Wingate to do a complimentary 3-day seminar to a few instructors. 7 instructors came, 5 from Wingate Krav Maga division and 2 from a special unit that are friends of mine. The 2 from the special units did not bother going back for the last 2 days because of what they say after the first day they realize it is not a system that is relevant to them.

    Moni claims that he trains the army’s sayeret units and the yamam. He does not train any sayeret units, every sayeret unit has their own Krav Maga instructors, we have ALL got together and discuss Moni Aizik, no one knows him and no one ever arrange to bring him in to train the sayeret units they are responsible for. If in fact Moni did come to train sayeret units it would be done at one place and one place that is the counter terror school (the lotar) it is fact that he has never been there.

    As for the yamam, not only did we check with official channels at the yamam, but one of my best friends serving in a special unit in the army has a brother in law that is already 6 years in the yamam as a fighter. NO ONE AT YAMAM KNOW OF MONI AIZIK! He does not train the yamam. When we checked, the head instructor said beside saying Moni Aizik has never trained our unit and does not train our unit, first what sense does it make to bring a guy from Canada to train us when we have our own instructors and to fly to Israel from Canada once a month at around $1200 a flight ticket every time, do you realy think the yamam will pay that money!! The only person they confirm came to do a complimentary seminar at the yamam was Carlos Newton of the UFC.

    Part of the reason why Moni does what he does is in fact because Mr. Darrin Levin of L.A. Krav Maga used to own the trademark to the name Krav Maga, and that forced many instructors to make up names and stories about their authentic Krav Maga or made up systems to still be able to teach and advertise. Moni, like a few other instructors, went further by trying to also take the attention away from L.A. Krav Maga by advertising that Krav Maga is no longer the system used by the IDF and that there are other secret systems. Some of these instructors even claim that Lotar is the system the special forces learn for hand-to-hand and that their system contains Lotar! Lotar is the word for counter-terror in Hebrew, it is not a system of any kind, it contains training in counter-terror operations like hostage rescue on buildings, buses and airplanes, and shooting skills.

    Although the Krav Maga that we teach here in the special forces is in fact different then American Krav Maga, the official system of the IDF regular forces and Special Forces is Krav Maga and only Krav Maga.

    I hope people will be smarter about what they believe when they see instructors advertising."

    An un-named complainant:

    Mr. Aizik resides in one location, his fraud has been/is being perpetrated in various geographical locations, and is being perpetrated by various means (i.e.; the internet, television interviews, geographically distributed media, etc.), this has created a more complex issue with legal jurisdiction for court filing.

    Mr. Aizik has turned his fraudulent scheme into a self perpetuating action. He created a lie, packaged and marketed that lie, and passes that lie (in his case he sells the lie for profit) to other unsuspecting individuals (individuals who pay him to become CKM instructors), who then turn around and assist him in maintaining his lie and enticing others to give him money to sell his lie.

    This means, legally, that although every single CKM instructor doesn’t know the truth about Mr. Aizik’s claims, want to believe his claims, or don’t care whether his claims are true or false, the fact that they advertise his system and his background based on his fraudulent claims in order to sell/advance their business, they are legally just as accountable for civil and criminal liability. In simple English, they are committing the same fraud that Mr. Aizik is.

    Our interest is in dispelling Mr. Aizik’s lies and reinstating the truth about Krav Maga. Therefore, anyone who is assisting Mr. Aizik in perpetuating his lies, we will take legal action against as well, so it also took us a bit of time to collect all the pertinent information about every single CKM instructor/school that is advertising Mr. Aizik’s false claims.

    Lastly, refuting Mr. Aizik’s claims and disclosing the truth required extensive communication and document filing with the Israeli Ministry of Defense to have his record released. Since he served in the Israel Defense Forces under the name ‘Pino’ Aizik and not Moni Aizik, we had to have investigators research as many facts about him as possible to properly identify and confirm his service record. This had to be done by locating his Israeli National Identification Number so that his identity could also be confirmed via his Israeli-issued documents such his National Identity card and Passport.

    We have also corresponded with the Discovery Channel in regards to their segment on Weaponology which featured Mr. Aizik and gave him a national platform to publicly advertise his lies. The television show’s research department, which found Mr. Aizik, did not find him by going through official channels with the Israel Defense Force nor did they conduct any due-diligence into Mr. Aizik’s background prior to filming him to verify that his claims were legitimate, which is standard practice for many television productions.”


    So what is the moral of the story?

    Don't be too quick to jump on bandwagons – they have a nasty way of toppling over at the worst time. You might just lose some time and a little money, or you might end up investing years and thousands of dollars in a fraud.

    Do your research no matter WHAT the claims of the school / instructor are, use common sense and always enter into a trendy style with a goodly supply of cynicism. Be especially aware that any system or style that claims military origins will in most cases have been liberally watered-down by the time it reaches the civilian level, and that claims of military experience by instructors need to be carefully investigated before devoting yourself to a school.

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    we all know there are instructors out there who are only in it for the money, ...but this guy stands alone!
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  4. SifuPhil

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    He does seem to take it to a whole new level, doesn't he? o_O
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  5. Bruce

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    Very imformative, thanks for that, when I finally get to train in KM i'll make sure they are not associated with this BS artist. :mad:
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  6. Alex Rhino

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    Nuh guys, it's the same old stuff that goes from one forum to another. Nothing really new. All the civil applications of Krav Maga derive to business and as such they operate according to ruthless business laws when one shark eats another shark. It's just that another shark tried to eat Moni and you repeat their claims. If you examine well any other civil Krav Maga instructor, you will find many much more interested facts about them.

    As for Moni, I can say in his favor that he has never cheated anyone in the professional sphere, he has always been a good teacher and he did not lie to his students. There can be only one test to this - results of his work. Does anyone question the facts that he brought up brilliant sportsmen like Yael Arad and good fighters like Carlos Newton? What about other civil Krav Maga instructors, what are their results in this sense? You got me.

    If Moni has exaggerated some facts from his bio, well, everybody wants to look better than they are. But to tell you the truth, I think that Moni needs not to exaggerate about himself. He is what he is - truly a many-times judo champion, a bright sportsman and a good trainer who raised champions. And his system is effective, no matter how you call it.
  7. RJ Clark

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    That's a very charitable way of putting it.:rolleyes: But it contradicts this
    If his claims are false or exaggerated then that is cheating people within the professional sphere and lying to his students. It would be like John Doe who graduated from community college and worked in a local office as a tec guy claiming to be an MIT grad who is a top dog at Microsoft. (not the best analogy, but you see the point I'm trying to illustrate)

    This I really love, copied from an interview here

    Moni: Yes, we were ambushed by over one thousand Syrians; there were only 64 of us in our unit, and only six of us survived

    How the [email protected] does an "elite" unit get "ambushed" by over 1,000 soldiers!?! Was part of their elite patrolling procedure wearing blindfolds and earplugs to be unable to perceive some part of over one thousand men around/in front of them? Was their intel so poor as to have no idea that there was an enemy battalion (or whatever the Syrians would call 1,000+ men) in the general area? How the hell could 1,000+ people even array themselves in a formation conducive to ambushing 64 men? Questions, questions, questions and only unsubstantiated or directly refuted claims...
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  8. Gone

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    Am not suprised one little bit.
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  9. Aaron

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    My wife has a co-worker whose husband went and got certified as an instructor at one of Moni's seminars.... I have got real problems when someone can become an instructor just from learning the techniques off of a video set and a long weekened seminar (3-4 days), and a few phone calls... wife's co-worker's husband is a great martial artist and not a stupid person, he works in law enforcement, I think he got caught up in the marketing crap.

    It seems the more you dig deeper into Moni's past the worse this gets worse.
    Supposedly he was only a physical fitness instructor, I have also seen posts elsewhere where it was only to regular forces, not special units like he has claimed.
    The UK banned most of his marketing as he could not backup his claims of training military units, he would not release a reference, contact in the military to validate his claims or anything to prove what did. Considering this was his big marketing tool, building a martial arts organization off of a lies is never a good thing.

    The techniques in CKM may be effective, I don't know, but it isn't true Krav Maga; it's what Moni has created from his Judo/Jujutsu training, possibly some Krav Maga, and what others have brought to him...

    From what I have been told the organization works on like a modified pyramid scheme; you get your Level 1 and are expected to move up to the next level instructor every year (at the very least every other year). The price for the coarse/cert makes no sense either $1955.00 for 4 day training/cert seminar.... were the hell did they come up with that dollar value???? More marketing crap.

    In my opinion this type of marketing puts a bad mark on the martial art itself, if you can't let the techniques speak for themselves, than maybe the system needs more work, not your marketing. Marketing is good to attract students, it should not shed doubts onto the martial art itself. Integrity in an instructor is important as well.

    Damn, $1955.00, that's enough to get me to Japan and back, just would need some money to go training, about another $300.00 (4 days at twice a day roughly), and then hotel room and food, plus some spending money... that sounds like a better week to me :)
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  10. Dave76

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    Hell yeah!

    I could go to Thailand for a month off just that $1955 and probably have change to spare.
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  11. Alex Rhino

    Alex Rhino ninja

    You said it - Moni does not teach CKM from zero, he teaches his technics to people involved in law enforcement who already have previous martial skills. Of course you cannot take a person from the street and make him a martial artist in one week! :)

    But when you take somebody who has a serious martial background and practices this in his life and career as a police officer or some commando fighter, they come to learn CKM technics since - they say - these technics are effective. I spoke to some of these guys, this is why I am telling you this. They also say that modern Krav Maga is static, while CKM is always developing and has new elements added to it.
  12. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    sure Alex i get what you saying about the system possibly being sound but how can a guy spin so many stories that are so false that has to be checked into by the Israeli army cause they so ridiculous and make them look bad.

    |He might have some sound advice and some good technique to teach advanced practitioners but being an individual that is so dishonest doesnt sit well with me, I would never deal with someone like that
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  13. Alex Rhino

    Alex Rhino ninja

    I understand your position. But you will be surprised how other civil krav maga instructors position and promote themselves - it's all done for the purpose of good marketing. So there is only one way to know who is good and who is not - the results of their work. If one trained a whole bunch of good students, then he is a good teacher. If not - then not, no matter how he advertises himself. That simple.
  14. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    I get what you are saying but if hes a good teacher thats great but the point is hes pretending to have credentials he doesnt have

    So lets take a sport as an example, Golf I could be a great coach and from a teaching perspective know my stuff and have taught great Golfers but I wouldnt be able to claim I won the US masters and part of the founding members etc, Destroys all credibility you have, so its not about how good of a teacher he is like that article above also mentions its about the false claims
  15. Alex Rhino

    Alex Rhino ninja

    I hear you. As I said previously, it was his serious mistake to do it. He was good enough not to do anything like that. He created effective technics based on krav maga and jiu jitsu, that are used by SWAP experts in different countries and some special forces fighters, he keeps developing them, and this is what he had to show. No need to create a "hero" image when you are an already good teacher.
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  16. Aaron

    Aaron Shadow Warrior

    I agree. The problem with CKM isnt the techniques, which may or may not be true krav maga; the problem is the lies and deceit that the founder of the system seems to be basing these claims on.

    Sure most people over embellish there credentials here and there, but no where near to the extent that Moni seems too take it.

    Not to mention the price for the seminars $1955... how does he get thay number.... that has a marketers spin on it not a martial artists.

    Im sorry but even highly trained military/police or martial artists, should not expect to be a certifified instructor at any level after only watching a few dvds, self training, and a long weekend seminar/boot camp... thats just ridiculous.
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  17. Alex Rhino

    Alex Rhino ninja

    How much do others charge and what do they offer for their price?
  18. RJ Clark

    RJ Clark Tree Ninja Staff Member

    You can offer to sell a person the Brooklyn Bridge at a great price and deceptive marketing can make a lot of gullible people believe that you can sell them that bridge. But ultimately you and the others have nothing but the belief that you own the city's bridge. As for what others offer, $1955 will get you 6-12 MONTHS of quality training three to six times per week. You will EARN your promotions through hard work and discipline. You don't get to buy your instructor "certification" through a hard (relatively) weekend and watching a couple of DVDs.

    Anyone can pull together high-percentage techniques and call it a system or art. No one needs to dispute whether or not the art is effective. However, his credibility is nil due to embellishment or outright falsehoods. It would be like someone embellishing and lying on their application to become a college professor. Then allowing him to continue working there because some people said "Well, he pretty much knows some good stuff. Let's give him a free pass for not being truthful and keep him. Plus he's offering to give us a degree if we spend one weekend on a field trip and watch some YouTube videos rather than having to spend five+ years in school like everyone else..."
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  19. RJ Clark

    RJ Clark Tree Ninja Staff Member

    This makes as much sense as going to Llyod Irvin for instruction now...
  20. Alex Rhino

    Alex Rhino ninja

    Can you give a link to the site proving that for this price you can get 6-12 months of quality training three to six times a week at the advanced level? People don't go to these bootcamps to have fun, but to do an intensive training that gets the best out of them there. It's not for a weekend, and not by DVD. When people pay money for this training they know what they get for it. If you are not ready to pay such a sum, ok, this is a different story. Those who are involved in enforcement know it better. They are not teenagers who see an ad and go buy it since it's cool. You are talking about experienced people who know that these technics may save their life in some certain situations.

    I completely disagree with you that anyone can pull together high-percentage techniques and call it a system. It takes many years of constant practice and special skills to emerge it. If it's so easy as you say, why don't you do it? :)
  21. RJ Clark

    RJ Clark Tree Ninja Staff Member

    I'll qualify the "anyone" by saying any experienced martial artist and/or fighter.

    As for the "advanced" training at that price, it includes any training hall for boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, FMA, etc by people that have already been training for years. The students don't need to pay "extra" simply because they are "advanced". It is true legacy training by instructors who spent years to get to where they are, training people to rise to the same level or beyond. It's not a marketing strategy or warrior week-end instructor certification.
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