Moni Aizik: A Study in Martial Deceit - Part 2

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    just for interest sake we have a Krav Maga program at my gym and its affiliated with this guy, so the instructors went and lived in Israel for a few months to pass the course outline before being certified

    They were all high level guys already, Ex Korean presidential bodyguard, Hapkido master,Teuk kong Musool certified(Korean special forces system) as well as an ex world champ(kickboxing) and represented our country in Muay thai at the world champs in Thailand in front the of the Thai king, They Charge equivalent of $ 60(direct conversion) per month training for 4 days a week, Seminars where Gabi comes through personally to work on advanced things they charge $120 for 3 days , so say thats is done every 2nd month for arguments sake thats $120 a month in total thats $1440 a year for 4 days a week and 18 days worth of seminar

    Just as a comparison, I know this various from country to country but just to give you an idea
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    Those seminar rates and monthly rates are pretty much on slightly cheaper than what I pay for mine...

    I am at $50/month and can get in about 2 classes a week with a 4th dan and 2nd dan, one for sure depending on work schedule. $180-$200 per seminar (usually twice year 2 days) with a 15th dan, privates with the 15th dan usually $200 for the afternoon (roughly) once or twice a year plus $100 in travel to him... So $600 a year in fees, $50/year for liability insurance at the dojo, $25/year Bujinkan dues, $400 for seminars, $600 for privates with 800km of gas money... I'm up too $1675.00... add on a ranking fee per year roughly $130... roughly $1800 for a year of highly qualified instructors and apprentice instructors through the Bujinkan... and thats if I can make both seminars and both privates.

    So DeeD your fees seem like a really good deal for that monthly fee; especially if their credentials are true and they have no problem showing you the paperwork to prove it. :)
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  3. DeeD

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    Trust but verify (y) agreed

    I actually have seen the certifications they received, my senior instructor went to Israel because he handles the Krav class so when he came back we saw the certification he received at the time and the world champ dude we watched his fight when they came back:)
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