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Discussion in 'Muay Thai' started by Deborah, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    Yeeeehaa Dan, when your wife lets you go, give me a shout cos I have always longed to go and do some training there too!! Thanx so very much for your reply it was appreciated my great martial, peace n respects XXxxXX
  2. SteelKnee

    SteelKnee Initiate

    Muay Thai, and Kickboxing are what got me into Martial arts. 8 years going into 9. Muay Boran is initially the same as Muay Thai, except it's Burmese, and it's a lot more violent, and leans to the traditional side.
    It's beautiful, you will enjoy it, it makes kicking 200% more pleasurable and powerful, makes knees and elbows precise, it's amazing.
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  3. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    yeah It sure is more violent, I think that is why I like it so much Maged!! I really can't wait........thanx for your reply Maged I appreciate it...lotsa luv n respects my warrior friend xxxxXXxxxx
  4. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    I have got too mention this cos I'm soooo excited!! I have just ordered a pair of custom made PINK Thai shorts and pink anklets for my seminar!! I know sad ain't peace and respects y'all XXXxxXXX
  5. Muay Thai Samurai

    Muay Thai Samurai Never Back Down

    Hello fellow american here and as far as muay boran being illigal in the US that's totally false if you were to compete professionally some of what they teach would be illigal to use in competition i.e headbutts but as far as learning it's totally legal and in fact i would bet that learning a martial art would fall under our first amendment rights, and as far as finding a place to learn in the US im not sure.
  6. dmach

    dmach Martial Archivest

    Yes, Yes it is :p
  7. Master Fahy

    Master Fahy Samurai

    This is the elephant that was in Ong Bak, his name is Noom Sek. He is around 29 years old now! My fiancee with Noom Sek. Manee with Noom Sek 3.jpg ong bak.jpg
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  8. Muay Thai Samurai

    Muay Thai Samurai Never Back Down

    Was he the one tony jaa was riding at the end of the movie?
  9. Master Fahy

    Master Fahy Samurai

    The first photo is the younger elephant in the movie. The second photo was the grown elephant in the movie! Master Fahy
  10. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    I love Muay Thai too :) been doing it for years, I love the conditioning and how after time the impact you can absorb from when you started is so much higher
  11. kenpoluke

    kenpoluke Initiate

    One of the arts I study is Lerdrit Muay Thai which is what the Thai Military use. It is brutal and devastating. I'm always so beat down after one of those classes, but I absolutely love it and revel in it.
  12. Void_Karateka

    Void_Karateka Pauper Karateka

    I've always wanted to train with some muay thai practitioners. Always looked tough as hell and very physically demanding. Haven't seen anywhere near enough to me to train at. Ah well make sure you try and get loads of photos at the seminar so we can all see!!!!!!!!

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