Mundine vs. Geale

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Gone, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Gone

    Gone Guest

    A bit late on the news, but Mundine, this racist, arrogant, Aboriginal-supremacist, scum of the earth, failure of a human being, got FED by Geale.

    I don't want Mundine to retire just yet though. I wanna watch him get bashed a few more times.

    If anyone can find a video of the full fight, link it, because I cant.
  3. Locutus

    Locutus Your fight is futile, my hands are pounding you!

    I don't know who Mundine is but he seems to have pissed you off. :)
  4. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    Ali wanna be is who he is. Annoying loud mouth who should have stayed in rugby league.
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  5. Gone

    Gone Guest

    Mundine is an aboriginal supremacist who just also happens to be a boxer.

    I wanna pick a fight with Mundine.

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