My daughter got her second stripe today

Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu' started by liam, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. liam

    liam Disciple

    My daughter received her second stripe in BJJ, at the Gracie Barra Federal Way school. She is so happy, the whole way home she was singing, "I got my second stripe, second stripe." Ann second stripe group.jpg Ann second stripe.jpg She loves going, there. Her professor Shawn is a great guy. If anyone on the area is thinking about training BJJ, it's a great school.
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  2. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    That's fantastic. Congrats to her & you. Gracie Barra is definitely a reputable school.
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  3. Kuyaken

    Kuyaken Karate for the streets not just for trophies

    fabulous, well done girl
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  4. RJ Clark

    RJ Clark Tree Ninja Staff Member

    Congrats to you and send a group "Great job, young lady!" to your daughter from the international contingent of martial artists here on BBF.
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  5. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    Double thumbs up!
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  6. Alice Okasan

    Alice Okasan Disciple

    That's awesome! Congratulations!
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  7. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    Congrats :D I am sure you are very proud
  8. Pedro

    Pedro Baek Doo San

    Is that Gracie Barra in the U.S? I thought they were supposed to stay in Barra... man, they are spreading like a virus....

    anyway.. congratulations!
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  9. liam

    liam Disciple

    Yes the Gracie Barra is in the US. They have more than 400 school worldwide. The new headquarters is in Irvine Ca.
  10. Dale

    Dale Scholar of the martial arts

    Congratulations :D.

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