My Name is Rick and I am 3rd Generation Shotokan

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  1. Fenris Wulf

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    Hello to all here Osu

    I am a Sandan in Shotokan/Shotokai under Hanshi Rick Lenchus, under O'Sensei Kenjiro Kawanabe under Founding Father Gichin Funakoshi.

    I started at age 5.5 in TKD then moved away and went to a Kenpo school where I got my first rank at age 18 and am a Godan 5th Dan today. I trained with a Professional Kick boxer for two years and then joined Hanshi Lenchus and that is where I learned the true essence of BUDO. He opened me up to a world I did not know existed thank you.

    It was not the fault of the other styles, it was the teachers. One thing I have learned in my 37 years in Martial Arts is all styles and forms are equal in essence only teachers differentiate.

    I opened a small Dojo last year in West Rutland VT for kids and Adults. I train them together twice a week in Kihon, Kata and they after a year are starting Kumite.

    Their are a two others that assist me my Sempais and together we train Traditional Shotokan/Shotokai and Self Defense separate but at the same time.... we work with kids and adults that have ADD ADHD, Physically Handicapped (as I am on disability myself due to a bad accident years ago and it was KARATE that allowed me to walk again)

    Our goal is to help others use Karate to gain better focus, self respect and respect for others, as well as conditioning and reconditioning as I did myself. Plus also train those in immediate need for Self Defense training.

    We are about the kids first they are our future and the needs of those being bullied or in need of conditioning and rehabilitation.

    I will post my facebook site later I just wanted all to know a bit of who I am and what I do I am not here lokking for students I am here to talk and learn from others,

    I look forward to talking to others online.
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    Welcome to the forum! There is a diverse, international membership here that will provide informed feedback and enjoy your contribution to discussions.
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    Welcome Rick...great intro.
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  6. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    Welcome! Curious, after your accident... did you spend more time in the application of weapons? I ask simply because I am dealing with the aftermath of a bad knee sprain... and while it is still progressing after 6 weeks... it made me question "What if it is never the same?" It has caused me to focus more time in cane.
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  7. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    I wouldnt worry about that, If that is the case you will adapt and strengthen other aspects of your game, just focus on what you can do at the moment and do it well, this way you are making progress all the time and still growing as a martial artist. This takes the focus off the injury (the negative) and focuses on growth(the positive) Thats the way I had to approach training with injuries Ive picked up over the years, Hope thats useful in someway(y)
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  8. Fenris Wulf

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    Honestly Caneman I once used a walking stick myself. I used that of course to maintain balance.
    The only weapon I used was my walking stick that DID have a hidden Katana in it =]

    As DeeD stated a lot of it has to do with positive attitude and thinking as well as doing the proper exorcizes and stretches to rebuild that knee again, for me it was my legs, it did take me years, In your case I do not know the specifics of your knee but if you recondition it using Kata and Kihon as best you can even with a cane and slowly build yourself back up even with arthritis you can accomplish some pretty amazing things.

    My journey isnt over yet ive been walking two years now with out aide and am half way back but my next challenge will be getting off all the medications and poisons Drs give you that you find out later in life either you were never warned of their repercussions with out them or how dangerous some can be they just want to keep you medicated and returning esp. the pharmaceutical companies.

    Those of us that really want to be healed again they do not like that they cannot make money off us.... so as DeeD said stay positive and their are many ways you can do this, add ankle weights to that leg and work on strengthening it any way that will work for you, I truly believe each person heals themselves in their own way.

    Good luck and stay positive it can be a challenge as it still is for me but I trek on.
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  9. Fenris Wulf

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    Thank you all for the warm welcome.
  10. Fenris Wulf

    Fenris Wulf Initiate

    Sticky hands =] I love that technique! Yes i agree seeing others overcome is great to see. Goes to teach us do not underestimate someone even if in a wheel chair.
  11. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    :) So, the effect isn't that severe... and cane is a weapon of choice not of need for me (as I chose it several years ago to train as my "main" weapon of choice)... as it is a traditional Korean weapon. The sprain occurred 6 weeks ago; I am back to doing almost everything except jumping... not that TSD artists do that much jumping anyway, except for conditioning. I have a good knee brace that I wear while training. As far as forms go... I am not having much issue in that area, except I do an "alternate" form on the our 3rd degree as it has low spins (reverse sweeps) and the alternate doesn't. Low spins would not be remotely wise for me now.
    I absolutely appreciate the encouragement... just wanted to clarify my cane comment, and any interpretation.
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  12. Fenris Wulf

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    The Katana was my weapon of choice hence why I used a Katana made cane. It sounds like your in the right path to healing I am familiar with TSD, it has roots similar to my own. I would avoid sweeps until your healed as well... good luck and if I may ask what kind of cane fighting do you do is it taught from your TSD training or elsewhere? I had an Iado teacher along with my Sensei that taught me what i know of the Katana.
  13. arron butler

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    Welcome Rick.
  14. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    I wish it was formalized with our standard training, it is not. I use the American Cane System as the base for our movements, though I have utilized some more specific Hapkido cane and Bodhidharma cane movements... our school really only formally focuses on bo staff and nun-chucks... and while I hate nunchucks, I have noted a few similarities in rotational handling. I have even been able to apply some Dan Bong motions in the lock movements when utilizing the crook.
    It is only myself and one other senior belt who train. Our only advantage is the in-formality or our system is that we test everything. There is a whole lot of impractical stuff out there, and we have "built" our training around our base of TSD. And since we do a healthy mix of boxing and BJJ at our school, but we are a TSD school... we really have integrated the cane motions that way.
    The Grand Master of our Federation used to teach cane, stopped back about 20 years ago, but logistics of asking him to start teaching it again... and the general lack of people who would stick with it (you know how that is), my distance from "his school" - the main school , is 40 miles... etc... I have refrained from asking.
    We have progressed nicely though in the last few years, with just the two of us, on the side.
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  15. Fenris Wulf

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    Hello to all, I just wanted to share our Facebook site, to show you an image of one of my High Yellow belts just tested for his Green and passed, posing during Heion Sandan wearing our new Dojio Patch that all the kids helped fund raise for. We are non Profit so I do all I can to help save the parents, and school money where ever I can.

    I hope you all like the photo and feel free to browse the other images and posts it is a public page. The Promotion is next Friday the 19th.. I have 10 testing for Obi's and 1 for his first tip.

    This is also the completion of my first year back teaching after a long lay off with injuries, I look forward to my Second year being even better.

    Just saw you can upload an image here so I added the image here but you can still browse the others =]

    Thanks all. Enjoy the images.

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  16. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    awesome good luck all the best

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