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Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Sneaker, Apr 23, 2014.

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    The only thing about that that would be annoying is the large carribean type attachment. Or do you use it as well? Swing and hit with it like a weight??? Nunchuka style:sneaky:
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  4. Sneaker

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    I will video the demostration of my spring safety latch getting it on and getting it off my belt loop and post it online soon.
    ... so easy, so quickly and so ready ... I can even reach it with my opposite hand.
    I can get it off or on in about less than half a second.
    Once I unhook it, my hand is on the grip ready to go.
    My keys are organized and will know which one it is in the pitch black dark night.
    I need to put my key away ... (clicked on belt loop) ... hey ! ... I was not finish typing my sentence ...

    I hate keys in my pockets because it is like there's a cactus plant inside my pocket and scratch up my phone, UGH !

    Speaking of nunchuck or swing ...

    ... Kubotan needs :
    About 3 inches longer to avoid bounce back and bite my knuckles
    A torch flashlight (250+ lumen) to blind enemies but keep it at size triple A batteries thick grip.
    oh yeah, credit cards holder ... LOL ... no :shifty: !

    I absolutely love this SPRING SAFETY LATCH
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  5. Bad Karma

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    Kubotan. One of my all time favorite non lethal weapons.
    I swear by them. Good stuff.
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  6. Ivor Godley

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    great little tool, mines made of oak, i got some great bruises from a good fun kubotan session yesterday!

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